10 Ways to Make a Google-Liked Your Article

It is not undeniable when the quality of content is indeed an important factor in SEO. On the other hand, the backlink that we know so far has been the main factor of search engine rankings The more here began to wane.

How to create an article that Google liked

Just right here I want to share with a buddy who might be wondering, "What the heck is the article that Google liked?" Below is a list of things that pal can do to make the article on the blog buddy more Diskuai Google or SEO friendly and get a good ranking. Please listen...

1. Put the keywords on the article title

The most basic thing that I think most of the buddy already knows, that is to put the keyword in the title of the article. Try to put the keyword on the front or the first word in the title.

2. Put the keywords on the URL

One that is also not less important is to put a keyword in the URL. For this buddy does not need to be too giddy because most blog platforms, the URL of the article will adapt to the article title automatically.

3. Put the keyword on the meta description

Maybe for this, it will not affect a lot but put a keyword on meta description can help increase CTR or click-through rate of blog buddy on search engines. How do I install a description meta? For friend blogger users please can read this post: SEO for Bloggers

4. Put the keyword on the first 100 words in the article

The number of keywords or keyword density, in my opinion, is not very important, the most important is the keyword should appear at least at 100 the first word in the article. The earlier the better.

5. Longer articles are nicer

The article length should reach 600 words or more. Google likes long articles and is reviewed in detail.

6. Post a relevant image

Whatever article topic the Buddy discusses as much as possible to mount a Relavan image. One picture alone is enough, but more than one is nicer. The most important thing that should not be forgotten when installing an image is to install the ALT attribute.

7. Post a relevant video

Not a necessity, but if possible install also a video relevant on the blog article buddy to be able to provide added value.

8. Use bullet points or tables

If the article buddy displays a list of things then it is better to use a bullet point or table instead of using plain text or an image.

9. Install internal links

Installing links to other articles that are relevant to our blog is a pretty important thing because it can help search engines and also readers explore the content of our blog.

10. Do not forget the external link

Many argue that putting out links will only reduce the quality of the article, but the reality is the opposite. Installing an outbound link can give you value-added articles on the blog buddy:

  1. Installing a relevant outbound link
  2. Using the Nofollow attribute
  3. Do not use the target keyword as anchor text
  4. Installing links to an authority blog/site (example: Wikipedia)
  5. Google liked is good, but the reader is liked by the number one

Most bloggers who try to create articles to be liked by Google forget the main purpose of why they are creating articles.

So here I want to remind Buddy that the preferred by Google is good, but the most major article is a buddy liked by the reader. Write the article that really buddy readers need.

Creating articles that are liked by Google is not such a difficult thing. The next thing that can mate do is promote the blog article buddy on social media or other places so that more and more are reading it. So it does not depend on Google. Thank you!