How to Make Money from a Free WordPress

If you're a blogger and run your blog on the WordPress blogging platform, COM (WordPress free of charge), of course, you've ever wondered how you can make money out of WordPress Gratis? If yes, then here I will provide a complete guide for you to see the various options to make money from your blog. For those of you who are new to the blogging world and just starting with a blog, you have to know about the different variations of the WordPress platform that is between, and, let's first look at the differences between its ports. free Platform that's easy for anyone to start a blog directly. It is a good platform to start your first blog, but I would not advise you to run a blog on for too long because there are many limitations on this platform. WordPress is known as the self-hosted platform (own hosting), where you host your blog on your own server. It requires a bit of technical knowledge (although not much) and the advantages of WordPress this type is no limit for you. Here are some of the best hosting lists to run WordPress on Self Hosted ⇒ best Hosting list for WordPress.

In addition to the brief explanation above, you should also read about this guide in Vs. to learn everything about both platforms and understand the shortcomings and superiority of both platforms.

Before I share all the options available, you should know that you can not use WordPress on your blog, and a lot of bloggers-beginner bloggers who very often ask how to list WordPress? How to install AdSense in WordPress? Why is my AdSense rejected? And still, many other questions about it and after the check turned out that blogger is rejected by Google is because they registered a blog created in WordPress is a popular advertising program from Google for the bloggers Professional, YouTubers, or Android apps. You can learn about AdSense WordPress here, and now please see the various other options that are allowed and used by bloggers to make money from a free blog on

Note: If you're a WordPress blogger, a COM from a VIP user, you can run your own ads including AdSense ads.


WordAds is an advertising solution for It's available for every user but you need to apply to join and be accepted for the installation of WordAds ads. So I suggest for you a WordPress user, COM must register WordAds, otherwise, WordPress will still display WordAds ads to cover the cost of hosting the free blog you are using. By using WordAds, you'll show your ads and earn money from your blog.

Some of the things you need to know from WordAds:

  1. You can check your WordAds and earnings via the Settings» WordAds menu in your Dashboard.
  2. WordAds pays you for Impression instead of clicks. So the more traffic your a will be, then you'll get more money.
  3. WordAds will work better for bloggers who have traffic from the US or European countries.
  4. You need to get at least $100 new can be melted (same as WordPress) and PayPal payment method.
  5. Obtaining a WordAds approval depends on your blog's monthly traffic and the type of blog topic you are running.
  6. You must have a custom domain name for your blog to use WordAds.
  7. Themes for WordAds. This is a theme that is officially recommended for WordPress blogs, the COM running WordAds ads.

So some of the above points are about things you can implement once your blog is approved for WordAds ads.


With a free blog on, you are allowed to use affiliate links. But you should use affiliate links from reputable online stores or other companies that don't violate the law. You can't put links to sources like pornography, gambling sites, multi-level marketing and other websites that don't fit into the rules. You can use the Affiliate link in your article using hyperlinks (images with affiliate links are not allowed). With Affiliate marketing, of course, you will be able to make money from your blog. So by following the Affiliate program is a way to earn money from a free WordPress blog, com.


This is another way that you can use on to make money. It will work better if you have a well-known blog and have a lot of visitors, if your WordPress blog, your COM is famous and often go into search engine rankings, there will usually be advertisers who want to pay you to write a Sponsored articles. You can also search for advertisers and offer a blog post on sponsored on your blog or you can create a page that mentions that you received a sponsored post. The articles sponsored can get from big sites selling products, or also you can get from some famous online stores.

Above are some of the ways that you can use to make money from a free blog of, and to earn a much bigger income then I highly recommend for you to create a blog with WordPress self-hosting, where You only have to pay for the rental hosting and domain where the current cheap rental hosting prices and many options. Hopefully, this article can help you get the idea to make money from and hopefully useful