Tips for Overcoming Cell Phone Number Verification Too Frequently Used

One of the problems that is often faced by those who often create e-mails, either personal e-mail or business e-mail, is where the telephone number used to create a Google account is stated too often used for verification or the number cannot be used for verification without a clear reason.

This usually happens when you create multiple Gmail accounts repeatedly at one time or at different times and days using the same browser. So that Google detects something unusual through the history and browser cache.

As shown in the screenshot below, where I cannot make an email using a phone number that I have used too often to create a Google account (email) notification appears This phone number has been used too often for verification (This Phone number has been used too many times).

In other cases Gmail account creation can also fail because the Phone Number cannot be used for verification as shown in the screenshot below, the notification clearly appears This Phone Number can't be used for verification whereas before I had several times successfully made an email using this telephone number. For some reason suddenly the number could not be used for verification.

To overcome this problem there are 3 ways you can try to practice, viz:
  1. Using Other Phone Numbers, which haven't been used too often or have been used to create a Gmail Account.
  2. Clearing browser history and cache and other browser data settings, I recommend choosing the Advanced Mode where browser data cleaning options are more complex.
  3. Using Other Browsers, you can try using Opera, UCBrowser, Torch, Via, Mozilla and other browsers.

In this post I try to practice the 3rd Method Option which in my opinion is the easiest to practice without having to lose the history and password data stored in the browser and do not need to use another SIM card as an Alternative.

How to Overcome Phone Numbers Too Frequently Used in Gmail Verification

Download a browser that has never been used on Android or on your computer and laptop, for example here I use VIA Browser.

Type the word Gmail council in the search then just click Gmail by Google.

Click on the Login Option, even if you don't have an account yet and want to create one

Select Options Create Account to begin the Gmail Account Creation process

Enter your desired User Name, e-mail address, and Google Account Password. Next click to proceed with registration

Enter the Phone Number that previously could not be used for verification in creating a Gmail Account, Next Click to confirm the use of the telephone number .

The result is an enchanting soul, a telephone number that previously could no longer be used to create a Gmail account because it was too often used for verification or cannot be used for verification, now it can be used again to create a new Google Account .

Enter the Verification Code that is sent manually then Klick Verification

Enter your recovery email address if you wish, fill in the month and year of birth, gender and then click Next.

In the Optimize Usage Telephone Number Option you just select Skip

Agree to the Google Account Privacy Agreement and Terms of Use

Click I Agree to continue and complete Gmail account creation

Completed, creating a Gmail Account is successful without problems using a new Browser that has never been used before on your device.

If all the existing browsers you have tried to implement and use to create a Gmail Account, and there are no new browser options, the steps you can choose to still be able to create a Gmail Account using the same Phone Number is to clean browser history and cache or can also uninstall and reinstall the browser.

Thus the Tutorial Guide How to Overcome Can not Create a Gmail Account because of phone number problems that are too often used to create a Gmail account. Good luck and good luck.