Epson Resetter L3110, L3100, L3150 Free Download

Epson L3110, L3100, L3150, L3001 latest version and how to reset (manual/automatic) - The Epson L3000 Series Printer is a very Popular All-in-One printer because apart from being used for printing, it can also be used as a copy or scan machine.

This printer itself is actually the latest Epson or advanced output from the previous L series, such as L110, L120, L130, L210, L220, and so on. even so, the Epson L3100, L3110, L3001, or L3150 printers sometimes experience various problems that cause the printer not to print any documents. This is usually indicated by the ink/paper indicator lights flashing alternately / simultaneously (flashing ink and paper).

Well, some of the factors that cause errors are usually caused by the printer hardware components themselves. For example, cartridges, rollers, remaining ink cartridges full, and so on (needs to be checked). as for internal factors, usually occurs when the number of paper prints has reached the maximum limit, the ink pad counter is full, and so on (requires a reset).

well, related to this, on this occasion, will provide a solution so that you can plant/fix it easily. In this case, there are at least three ways that you can use it. first, check some parts of the printer that can be the main trigger for errors, both manually reset (without application) and the third reset automatically using the Application Setretter Adjustment Program (Adjprog.exe).

Signs that the Epson printer has a problem (Error)

The easiest thing to recognize when the Epson Series L3100, L3110, L3001, and L3150 have a problem/error is the ink and paper indicator lights flashing alternately / simultaneously (ink and paper lights blinking) continuously. For example, as seen in the following image.

EPSON L3110 L3100 L3150 L3100 L3100 L3100 L3150 L3001 indicator light indicator flashes / turns

In addition, the Computer Monitor (Laptop / PC) screen will also display a dialog box containing various error messages. Among others are the following:
  • It's almost time to reset the ink levels
  • It's time to reset ink levels
  • Waste ink is full
  • Service is required.
  • The ink pad is at the end of its service immediately
For example, as shown below.

Well, when your Epson L3110, L3100, L3150, or L3001 printer experiences any of the above errors, you have to do a preliminary check on the components, or you can also reset it directly.

Check the cause of Epson L3110 Error, L3150, L3100, L3001

one of the reasons printer errors occur frequently is due to a hardware problem. With that, try to look at some of the following parts of the printer which might be the main culprit.
  • Cartridges - the first item with the most frequent problems is the cartridge. to handle it, please remove the cartridge first and then suck the remaining link contained in it. And if you have head cleaning fluid, please gently spray it on the cartridge nozzle. if there are still errors, dry the foam, stopping the cartridge (on the right) also using a tissue.
  • Rollers - The second part is the roller (the paper outlet). make sure this area is not jammed and clean it if there is torn paper in it.
  • Ink cartridges - Check the printer ink cartridges and make sure they still contain ink. If it runs out, please refill again. in addition, check that the ink tube is not jammed or jammed.
  • The drain cartridge - another area to check is the drain cartridge is full. For that, please suck all the remaining ink contained in it until it is clean.
After the initial check is carried out, the indicator light is still blinking, you need to reset it. Both manual and automatic reset using the Adjustment Setretter Program (Adjprog.exe). This reset process aims to return the configuration to its default position (like new) and delete all remaining data stored on the printer chip. For example, resetting the maximum number of prints, normalizing the ink pad, and so on.

Manual reset for Epson L3110, L3100, L3150, L3001 without application

Epson L3000 Series Manual Reset is one of the best solutions to normalize printer function. In this case, it is only necessary to perform a few special tricks and does not require the assistance of any software. good to do a manual reset, here are the steps.
  1. Remove or unplug the power cord for 3 to 5 minutes.
  2. After that plug / reconnect the power cable then turn on the printer as usual (press the power button).
  3. When it is turned on perfectly, please press and hold the resume button (ink/paper logo ) for 5 seconds, then release it.
  4. Press and hold the resume button for3 seconds, after the release.
  5. Wait for the printer reset process to complete.
  6. If successful, the ink/paper indicator light will stop blinking.
To be sure, please print a document or two.

Epson L3110 Auto Reset, L3100, L3150, L3001 Using Resetter

When the above manual reset still can't solve the error, it should be reset automatically using the resetter adjustment program software application. For a download link to the Resetter Tool and how to use it, you can see the following. Download Program Epson Resetter Epson L3110, L3100, L3150

Important note: Before downloading Epson L3110, L3100, L3001, L3150, L3150, please turn off your computer antivirus first (don't worry, because this file is not a virus)

How to Use Adjustment Resetter Program

  • Extract the Epson L3100, L3001, L3110, or L3150 a prog manager file above using the 7-zip or WinRAR application, after running.
  • Select the printer series used in the model name field. As for the ports, leave [Autoselection] only. After that click [OK].
  • Next click [Specific Customization Mode] which is at the bottom right of the application.
  • In the next window, click [Waste Pad Counter] then click [OK]
  • Check [main bearing counter] and [solid plate counter]. After that, click Initialize to start the reset process. Wait a moment until the process is complete.
If you have, the computer screen will display a dialog box "please turn on ff and turn on your printer. Please turn off then turn on the printer Epson L3100, L3001, L3110, L3150, L3150.
if the indicator light does not flash, it means the printer is resumed and ready to be used again. Done.

Solution Failed to Reset Epson L3110, L3100, L3150, L3001

After checking the printer components to reset but the power and paper lights are blinking, try the following tips.
  • Make sure the position of the color and black cartridge not exchanged.
  • Vacuum the remaining ink in the drain tube.
  • Unplug the power cord for about 3 minutes before resetting it.
  • Make sure the printer roller cannot become foreign or the rest of the paper in it.
When some of the tips above you have tried but the results still the same, so the last step to do is bring it to the service driver or replace it with a new one.

thus a complete guide to dealing with errors/problems + free download link Epson L3110, L3100, L3150, L3001 Resetter Adjustment Application on this occasion. May be useful for those of you who need it. In the initial screen, click [Select].