Guide on How to Reset Epson L1110 Printer

Every Epson printer and printer with other brands such as Canon and HP that are used continuously, in the long run, will definitely encounter a problem called Error Blink on the Power indicator, Ink Indicator, Paper Indicator either alternately or simultaneously. 

This is caused and caused by the Pad Counter which has reached the maximum limit of storage and printer usage. So it takes an action to reset again so that the Pad Counter has status 0 again.

Please download the Resetter first, Download Epson L1110 Reset Program

Step-by-step guide on How to Reset Epson L1110
    1. Download and Run Reset Epson L1110 AdjProg
    2. Click Particular adjustment mode
    3. Click Reset Waste ink pad counter - OK
    4. Click Check box Main Pad Counter - Check
    5. Click Main pad counter, Initialization - OK
    6. Turn off and turn on the printer again.
    7. Done, Reset is successful

    After using the Epson color inkjet printer in general and the Epson L1110 series in particular, you will experience a problem flashing a memory overflow error with 2 lights continuously, don't worry, just download the Reset_L1110_Adjprog Adjustment software. In this program, you can reset your Epson L1110 at home without having to take it to the technician.

    I will guide in detail the steps to reset the Epson L1110 printer with 2 red lights "ink light and paper light" blinking continuously and can not print.

    Step 1: Right-click the Reset_L1110_Adjprog.exe file and run Run as administrator

    Step 2: Select and click "Particular adjustment mode"

    Step 3: Select and click "Waste ink pad counter" then click "OK"

    Step 4: In the "check Initialization" section, Checklist 2 items "Main pad counter" and "Plater pad counter", then click "Check"

    Step 5: Continue Checklist 2 "Main pad counter" and "Plater pad counter", then click "Initialization" then click "OK"

    Step 6: To complete the reset process of the EPSON L1110 color inkjet printer, you need to turn off the printer and turn it on again for the reset process to be successful.

    That's the tutorial on how to easily reset the Epson L1110 printer with blinking errors that can't be used to print and a Service Required notification appears on the Desktop window.