How to Overcome VIVO Y81i Can't Enter Home Menu

For the first time, I encountered a case of Android VIVO Y81i PD1732CF which could not enter the home menu after a hard reset to factory default settings. So after resetting as usual the VIVO Y81i PD1732CF will enter the settings menu to prepare for the use of the device. But after arriving at the Use Now stage where the Phone is Ready to use, it cannot enter the Home Menu, only back and forth in place in the Congratulations Window! Your phone is ready to use.

The first step I tried was Hard Reset but didn't use Recovery, I used the Hydra Tool application and after formatting, it turned out to be zonk. I also tried another option, namely ByPass FRP, maybe the cause was because the VIVO Y81i PD1732CF locked the Google Account FRP and it turned out that after I tried the results were the same.

then I tried another tool, namely using the MRT Key and the method I applied was the same as what I applied using the Hydra Tool, namely Format Unlock and ByPass and the results were again Zonk.

then I tried to re-flash using Hydratool, MRT Key, SPFlash Tool, and UFI Box and the result is zonk. The flash process runs normally but at the end of the flash, an error always occurs. Had to ask a friend of another cellphone technician and instead sentenced emmc.

Because it was late at night and I had been trying from afternoon to midnight, I felt so tired and sleepy. Finally, I finished the repair process that night, and then took a rest. In the morning after the Fajr prayer, I thought of trying again by flashing using the OTA update file File.

After the OTA file is downloaded and I copy it to the SDCard, I just try to flash the OTA file update via Recovery. The Flash Update OTA process runs normally without any errors, so I hope this method will work.

Thank God by updating the OTA VIVO Y81i PD1732CF which previously couldn't enter the menu, formatted with no results, flashing always failed, was able to return to normal.

Thus the Tutorial Guide on How to Overcome Android VIVO Y81i PD1732CF is stuck in the Congratulations window. Your phone is ready to use and cannot enter the home menu, which you can try to practice.