How to ByPass FRP VIVO Y12 Hydra MediaTek Tool

To solve the problem of Android VIVO Y12 either PD1901EF, PD1901BF, PD19013F locked FRP Google Account after a Hard Reset or Back to Factory Settings can be easily solved using the help of the Hydra MediaTek Tool Application.

The following are the steps to Bypass FRP VIVO Y12 MTK using the Hydra MediaTek Tool Application:

  1. Run the Hydra MediaTek Tool Application
  2. Brand Options: VIVO, Model Y12 PD1901EF, PD1901BF, PD19013F
  3. On the Tool Menu Tab Select Factory Reset Protection [FRP]
  4. In Flash Mode Options, select Auto or ZeroWipe then click Execute
  5. Connect VIVO Y12 in power off condition while pressing the Volume Up and Down buttons
  6. Wait for the Hydra MediaTek Tool to detect, read and perform the bypass process
  7. Done

That's an easy tutorial on how to ByPass FRP VIVO Y12 using the Hydra MediaTek Tool application that you can try to practice yourself at home.