10 Successful Blogger Tips Throughout the Year

Successful Blogger is someone who makes a Blog, becomes a writer and can make money up to millions of Rupiah. Where can you earn money?... The answer is to become a Google Adsense Partner i.e. an advertising Publisher. It is not only a success but also in the Market world through the Blog.

Many bloggers succeed but most of them close themselves and don't want to perform. Different if being a Youtuber they showcase all that they have. The reason Blogger's success is silent is that it does not want its site to be rivaled by other sites. In the sense that the competition is home Google Bilaperlu reduced.

I have not been as successful as the Mastah hiding but at least I will share a little story for all of you how the hell manages the right Blog. With this simple technique and Tips can be ensured we can become a Penganguran but Karungan salary. Curious please buddy read until exhausted.

10 successful Blogger Tips throughout the year

1. Prepare weapons (equipment)

What equipment does a Blogger use? Here you do not need a computer or Laptop with high specifications. The important thing can capture the Internet network and speed is enough. Use the WIFI Internet network but if you do not have to use Hotspot from HP.

2. Create one Blog only

Focus on making just one Blog for the more you are a beginner who is learning to write. To start with it you can create a personal Blog using a name. This blog is the first time I created using my name. The content of the article is my daily experience either at home or at work.

3. Use Premium templates

What do I recommend using a Template that buys directly from the owner? The answer is read: Free Blog Template differences with Premium. That way you already have a strong capital because the Premium Template is a lot of excellence including the level of its currency so that the article is easy to compete on Google homepage.

4. Buy Domain (TLD)

A Domain affects the trust of a visitor. If you're looking for information on Google it's definitely average choosing a domain-based site. If still, the average Blogspot people do not believe because the blog is Gratisan. Moreover, Google is more of a blog that is already TLD than still using the original.

5. Start writing (don't Copy Paste, Spin)

For beginners, bloggers must be very difficult to learn to write. It is very difficult to assemble a word to become multiple sentences. It can be accustomed to make you all who can to write should try to keep writing better every day. Do not Copy and Paste other people's articles because it will have a bad impact on our Blog.

6. Learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It's important to know what SEO is?... By understanding the term then it is certain that we can make a good article. Besides being easy to read and understand can also be crawled by the Google search engine. Your articles will and easily be on the first page of Google even occupying the first position. READ: How to create an SEO article.

7. Try and fix the wrong (trial and Error)

Trying is a good thing so that we know which one is wrong and which is right. The more mistakes we will know which should be forwarded and which should be discontinued. Do not ask many other people because what is delivered is not necessarily true. So personal experience is better and targeted.

8. Writing commitment (if you need to create a schedule)

It is very difficult to commit to yourself, especially the work of writing. It's not easy to do this job because it takes extra energy to be able to make a sentence. Persistence and a strong commitment from within will help you keep exist even will be more than we imagine. READ: How to get writing IDEAS for blogs.

9. Do not give up though Terpuruk

Everyone must have had a failure so don't give up easily. Make that failure the most valuable lesson. Without such a failure you will go up into success. A bowl of self-motivation, if necessary communicate with people who are more mature to advise and encourage.

10. Accept the results

There will be a time for you to get the results that are in your memory. Follow the stages in managing a Blog started to create, write up by registering to Google Adsense. If all we can learn for sure there will be earnings earned. Not only from Google Adsense but if your Blog is crowded then there will be a lot of inclusion of article Placement and Banner advertisement installation.

That's some tips to become a successful blogger. It is not as easy as we reverse the palms but if there is a definite intention there are results. My struggle takes a long time even years but at the moment I can get the results I would expect. For those of you who are still hesitant please ponder back and make a commitment ourselves.