10 Ways to Take Care Your Computer to Last Well and Properly

A computer is one electronic device that has many functions and advantages compared to other devices. Imagine the situation, if the computer you have arrived Lemot, problematic or error will certainly be annoying? Not without attention, the computer needs to be cared for in a good and correct way to last. How?

The use of computers to process and store data is very reliable. Moreover, capacity and durability tend to be better than laptops or notebooks. However, if you want your computer to last long with a good physical condition, at least you should know the tips and tricks of caring for components in the computer both in terms of hardware and software.

In more detail and details, let's take a look together – the same step-by-step steps to keep your computer good from time to time in a simple way. Maintenance will, of course, cover how you use or operate the computer? Then notice other components like how to take care of PC, keyboard, battery etc? Let us discuss this.

How to maintain a good and correct durable computer

1. Be sure to use a stable voltage

As one of the electronic devices, the computer can not live without any electrical current. However, all you need to know is that in the computer various components are interconnected with digital data. Thus, this will depend heavily on the current stability of the electrical voltage you are using.

Stable voltage is one way to take care of your computer. Generally, things like this can be solved by installing the UPS or stabilizer. So when the power comes down, the computer will not feel the shock due to the device.

Also, UPS is also reported to save power, in case of a power outage, then you can still shut down the computer first by the shutdown. Generally, the computer shut down suddenly due to a power outage also affects the computer's performance.

2. Maximize the performance of your computer cooler

All types of devices in it must have an Integrated Circuit or a cooling IC. Somehow the system works, of course, it will be equipped with a pre-installed coolant including the computer. So, you can use the computer cooler as a way to take care of your computer.

In the CPU there is a core cooling system that functions cooler processor as one of the important components in the computer. Well, in it there are two more components named metal material and fan or fan. You need to use this cooling fan properly to get the most work.

Furthermore, use also the fan (cooler) in the casing to be able to cool the CPU space in which there are other components. Not forgetting this is also balanced with the power supply so that the power supply to the motherboard power is not reduced by the cooling system.

3. Shut down the computer the right way

The little thing, as well as the shutdown step of the computer, is worth noting. Although only a simple thing it is very influential about the health Si computer. Arguably the little thing can have a big impact. Unlike other devices like TVs or radios that live press on/off, computers are more structured.

Shutting down the computer in an arbitrary manner can adversely affect the performance of your computer. Do not think that because you are in a hurry and just turn off immediately instantly or reason it is not what – what. This is a wrong thought. So, therefore, you should always shut down the computer according to the procedure.

4. Avoid the computer from affecting bad things

A computer is a tool that is vulnerable to things that are negative to the device. For example, we need to pay attention to what is and we do around the computer. Some of the things referred to are as follows: Place the computer in an area that is not exposed to direct sunlight, not too much dust that enters and is not too moist. Even better use the AC room.

If you are still using a tube monitor, it is worth noting not to position the speakers near the monitor as this will, of course, cause damage to the monitor itself.

Do not put any fluid near the computer. Like a cold drink over a computer device or around it. Because we can accidentally drop it until it weaks the computer. If so, the consequences can be fatal. Trim the wires – cables that are located around or outside the computer that is cluttered. Because it can be eaten rats or stumbles so it will be very bad.

5. Clean the Hardware regularly

For a computer to be durable, you need to regularly clean it. Although it has been put in a place far away from the dust, cleaning it to keep it clean and tidy is hurt not? You can clean it in 2 months or several months.

Did you know? If the computer is never cleaned on its hardware, it could be dust or dirt stuck for a long time. This, of course, will affect the performance of the computer decreases, inhibiting the circulation of computers so fast heat.

6. Using the original software

Not uncommon either, the computer does not last long or the error is not just an outside factor. But it can also be a factor from inside or software devices. To avoid this you should try to always use the original software.

At least you use a device that is original in a Windows system or another. It would be better if you only use a device that is already installed on your computer. Careful with the installation of a device that is at risk of viruses or others.

7. Protect the system with Antivirus updates

Viruses against the computer are quite troubling not? Even a very serious nature could cause data loss or even worse to make the computer completely dead. Surely you do not want this is not it? Thus, one of the practical ways is to install an antivirus on your computer.

What kind of Antivirus is good for our computer? Of course, the computer is universal or can resist all types of viruses that exist. To work more, update the antivirus in your new database.

8. Application Maintenance and Management

The maintenance process in this sense is to manage files or software on your computer. Some of the treatments you can do are as follows:

  • If necessary, do Fragmentation (Disk Defrag)
  • Minimizes unnecessary or unused software or apps
  • Clean up junk files that are on your computer

9. Turn off the computer when it rains

Did you know? Unfriendly weather can take effect when your computer is on. If around you are now raining then you should just turn off the computer first. Especially if the weather is very bad like lightning and thunder. It also avoids the consequences of a computer struck by lightning let alone computer connected by modem or wireless.

10. Enable System Restore on the computer

To keep your computer secure, you need to enable restore on your computer. How? First, please right click on the desktop Computer menu. Next Select the Tab Properties section of the System Restore. On the next page will appear option "Turn Off System Restore On All Drives". In that column, you just uncheck next to the text.

Here's a quick tutorial that tells you how to keep your computer maintained the same as the first time you purchase or use it. Please feel free to practice this simple method, not difficult, right? You can practice it also in maintenance mode for laptops, notebooks, Ipads, Android and smartphones.

The most important thing is that you need to apply this treatment periodically and routinely. At least do it regularly and use it accordingly. Avoid some things that can make computer performance decrease as we have already discussed. Some of this information, hopefully, useful and good luck.