4 Ways it Will Prove to Skyrocket Your Website Traffic

Creating a website is not a difficult thing. But bringing traffic to that conversion is not easy. Need to be so that and strong consistency here. For free you have a website even though it looks cool but no traffic/visitors are coming. So, once you have a website your job is to have to know how to bring traffic.

This time I will review how to bring traffic using media marketing channels that are most widely used by digital marketers practitioners. Before we choose to use which media channel is most appropriate for your business, you must first know the characteristics of the Target audience. Once you know from the Audience's characteristics, you need to test first using all the media marketing channels below so that you finally find the channel that really fit for you and the next stay on how to Maximize it.

I will discuss the main channel that most used today.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The reason why Google is the most widely used. According to data released by We Are Social, 60% of people do online review research using search engines before buying, and 51% compare product specs and prices online.

There are two methods in SEM, organic SEO (Free) and nonorganic (Paid Ads) known as Google Adwords. To know more details about SEO and Google Adwords in techniques the details you can search on the Internet. Because here I will share more with his technical strategy.


Since from a few years ago to the present SEO methods are still being used by online marketers. The purpose of SEO is for your business to be on the first page of Google search results. Good again if you can in the No. 1 position. If your business has been at No. 1 or at least in position 5, then you live awaiting order that will flow to you. SEO is suitable if you have a limited budget and you can do it yourself. Moreover, SEO also to builds your assets or online marketing ecosystem. Because if your web is in the top 5 and you do SEO with the right techniques, then the durability will be long and the traffic will continue to flow without the need to spend the cost of paying ads.

But the lack of SEO is that it takes a long time, usually from 1 to 6 months. Depending on the difficulty level of the keyword you target.

Paid Ads (Adwords)

To play in Google Adwords need a budget that is allocated specifically each month. So running ads is not just a moment. They need to be consistent and test from various variables. Suppose you try to advertise one twice only when no ad profit is stopped. Though the ads that have been run have not been optimized. Many novice advertisers have stopped in this. While many things need to be done for the ad profit. Advertising in Adwords is not a technical thing but it needs a good and true strategy.

Unlike the relatively long SEO to get traffic, Google Adwords can instantly bring you traffic right away when your ads are already being declared running by Google.

So, which one is the most profitable and which should be used? SEO or SEM? The answer is equally beneficial if you do it right. Everything is back on your ability. For example, in SEO techniques not all keywords that you target can be covered all. This is where you need to run Google Adwords. The more keywords that your target can be covered well then your website traffic will be better anyway.

Many people are still reluctant to be able to get Adwords to pay for it. The more SEO techniques they choose as an alternative to suppressing marketing costs. In fact, when you combine them will be more powerful.

Basically, online marketing is not about free or pay. Essentially profit or not. As long as you profit any ads that you have to pay do not matter. Many also our client's Adwordnya budget every month reaches tens of millions no problem.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is very powerful to use as a medium to bring about current traffic. Use the most popular social media like Facebook and Instagram. In social media marketing is also divided into two between organic and nonorganic.

Organic is a regular post with the reach of your followers. While nonorganic is the ad that you run to reach all users of social media based on the similarity of interest in your business.

The concept of social media marketing is different from Google Adwords, which is presented by ads to people who are looking for the product. While social media marketing is advertising to people who can be interested in a product.

Which is nicer? Both are equally necessary. In terms of better Adwords sales conversions. While social media marketing is better in terms of brand awareness. It's like the following question: Branding used to be what selling first? This question is like chickens and eggs. Everything is equally to run simultaneously. Why? Because branding can increase customer loyalty while selling can increase the number of consumers. Both come down to turnover and profit as well.

So that the ads you run are more effective and powerful, the combination of SEM and SMM use should be precise. Suppose you're running a beauty product ad in Adwords, it will be maximized when at retargeting with Facebook/IG Ads. Technically, you're running an ad on social media with a target audience who has visited your website. This gets better because the target is the person who has ever known/knows about your product. But keep in mind on retargeting you give a different offer. For example, on your first ad in Adwords provide a normal offer and price. While on the creatives at retargeting given a discount of 10% for supposing. But this also doesn't have to be necessarily about the price. You can also give different benefits that are more interesting.

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Email Marketing

Research from insight squared shows that "80% of your company's future revenue will come from only 20% of existing customers." So, your team should focus on satisfying the customer and make sure they get value from your product.

To keep consumers in the sales cycle, you can create an email campaign that can bring out interactions and educate your audience. The goal is to make their customer journey more valuable.

According to Emarketer, email marketing is the most effective channel for customer retention (retain customer).

Tip: Use a form opt-in like a Squeeze Page, Pop Up or a banner that leads to Landingpage that eventually people visit your website to enter your name and email. This strategy makes the traffic not wasted if the visitor does not take your offer at least from the traffic there is a lead. It will be more effective when followup with marketing automation.

Such strategies bring traffic and how to maximize it.