7 Mistakes Implementing SEO to Avoid

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, just as its name suggests, is an activity done to optimize website traffic. The increasing traffic of a website, the increased engagement rate. This will greatly help create a DomaiNesians that has an online business. In today's online era, SEO is still one of the powerful weapons to create a crowded website visited. Many Internet users are also increasingly making online business competition more stringent. Therefore, it is important to know if the SEO that has been applied is correct or not. Here will be discussed errors implementing what SEO should you avoid. There are 7 mistakes implementing SEO that you need to avoid, what Aja? Check this out!

Technical SEO refers to any work done on the website, other than the content itself. Because SEO needs to evolve constantly and become more sophisticated, it is important to have a good foundation, which will help optimize the user experience on the website. Avoiding technical SEO is an error in implementing SEO. It is important to conduct an SEO technical audit before creating actionable strategies. The technical key to SEO that every marketer should notice is Crawlability and Indexation.

Crawlability refers to the ability and effectiveness of search engines to access and search pages from website sites before adding them to the database, which is commonly called an index. The index will continue to be updated every time the Crawler comes to website sites and finds new things or something revised. Google must index the website page before the page appears in the search engine. So it's important to make sure your website page is already indexed by Google.

2. Ignore SEO On-site

SEO on-site refers to a collection of tactics aimed at making website sites more search engine friendly. You have to make tactics so that the website page is very easy to reach by search engines. Search engines that crawl to your website pages should understand the content, structure, and intent of the website. This is important for your website, to earn a higher ranking than their index. On-site SEO is as important as the technical SEO, do not make mistakes implementing SEO by clicking on-site SEO, yes DomaiNesians. Also, the length of other elements is worth noting, such as the title tags of No more than 60 characters, or meta descriptions no more than 156 characters.

3. Not prioritize Mobile-Friendliness

The mistake of implementing other SEO is a website that is difficult to access using a mobile smartphone. Google very clearly stated their intention to prioritize sites that prioritize display on mobile. This refers to website sites that use the mobile version for indexing and ranking to help more users access via mobile smartphones. Mobilegeddon is an algorithm update done by Google in April of 2015 ago. This update significantly affects how Google assigns rankings to website sites. Google drives 96 searches through mobile phones, so it's important to pay attention to mobile-friendliness on your website.

Google's Consumer Barometer, is research on consumer studies conducted in 56 countries, reports that Asia dominates in terms of mobile smartphone usage. Singapore is the country with the highest percentage of smartphone use in Asia, amounting to 91. Having a mobile-friendly site will make you more attentive to important components like load time or responsive design. Conversely, if the website is not mobile-friendly, you will lose most of the potential traffic.

4. Implementing the Keyword Stuffing

Google defines the Stuffing keyword as an attempt to load a webpage with keywords or numbers to manipulate a site's ranking in search results. It is highly disliked by search engines, as you are trying to play the system by loading keywords on every page. It is an attempt to cheat the bot to make the website to its first rank. This spam tactic is an old tactic, but there are still a lot of companies doing it. Algorithms will detect quickly if keyword density is too high and used too often without context and relevance. Keyword stuffing is obviously an error in implementing SEO.

5. Want fast results on SEO building efforts

Marketing practitioners usually estimate four to six months before finally seeing the results of SEO building efforts. To maintain SEO, you must continually create high-value, relevant content. You should also monitor KPIS carefully and consistently. Building an SEO is a long-term investment, not only using one tactic and forgetting anything else. The result can not be immediately felt, but if you do not use SEO, business or businesses that you have slowly will decrease.

6. Website not fast

Google likes fast sites. The faster your website, Google will more like it. Speed on the site is one of the major performance indicators of the website. The most affecting factor in determining rank is good user experience. So it's good if you test page speed using Google PageSpeed Insights. According to Neil Patel, more than 40 percent of users will leave slow sites. Some ways to speed up website sites, for example, restrict site components, use minimalistic templates, and optimize visuals.

The often-given recommendation is to optimize the images on the website. Many websites use images with great size, and this is an error implementing SEO. It takes a lot of time to load a page. By using a small-sized image, it will help the site speed uploading time. If you're using WordPress, you can search for a plugin that can help you provide a suitable size for images or website design.

7. Not creating good content

The mistake of implementing the last SEO is forgetting the quality of content. The quality of content is also important. You should have decent content, at least 300 words. Your website can look unconvincing if it only contains short content. Too short content won't read as the best result in search engines. Keep in mind that you're writing a content not to be read by Google, but for the audience itself.

Google is very attentive to user experience. They read more times, what users want, that's what Google has to do, such as mobile-friendliness. As more and more users are accessing websites via smartphones, Google also provides a good ranking for mobile-friendly websites. Google's mission is to organize information from around the world and provide the best answers possible.


The above errors are common mistakes that are often done. Most people may already have a handbook on how to implement good and true SEO. But the thing to note is that there are no SEO strategies that can be absolutely done by all businesses. You still need to find out specifically what it takes to rank on Google. Just like the business rules, to be able to see the results of the SEO building efforts, we must be consistently brave and committed.