A Good Template Feature for a Full Approve Google AdSense List

SEO Blog Template is indeed one of the best options to get a full Google AdSense to account to approval. This is from a variety of experiences Paran bloggers who expressed one of the causes disapprove not Google AdSense.

The content of the rejection of the AdSense party is quite obvious, and including the menu navigation problems from the registered website. Well, in this opportunity there are some simple methods that we can do to handle your AdSense problems, that is by changing the total  "appearance " with a new style, but still elegant and especially in accordance with the direction and wishes of the parties Adsense.

For that reason, here are some recommendations from us with regard to the distinctive templates that are good and worth using for the Google Adsense registration process.

A good Template feature for a Full Approve Google AdSense List

Here are some features of a good blog template for the submission process into a Google Adsense publisher, including:
  1. Fast loading; 
  2. Simple and simple without; 
  3. Clean is easy to use; 
  4. Facilitate visitors; 
  5. Responsive/Mobile friendly; 
  6. SEO (additional factors); 
  7. Valid HTML (supports SEO); Etc
There are at least 7 basic principles that you can use in template selection to continue to sign up for an Adsense account.

For myself, when obtaining a full Google Adsense account approved is indeed a personal pride. Without having to buy an account to others, but with a pattern of seriousness in navigating the blogging activities.

Simple design style, fast loading, responsive/mobile friendly, facilitate the visitor, valid HTML, coupled with good SEO performance. So, not just in accordance with the will of Google Adsense, but also already SEO friendly that is certainly very beneficial to bring high traffic.

I think so at a glance information on the best Blog Template for Google AdSense Full Approve list. Hopefully, not just full approve, but your blogging revenue is increasing and blessings, amen. Good Luck and happy blogging, greetings.