How to Accelerate Blog Loading Easily and Successfully

Building a blog that is lightweight and also fast is something that all beginner bloggers have to do without exception. Do you know? Having a fast blog can certainly improve ranking in search engines especially in Google. Not only that, by accelerating the loading of the blog can provide a pleasant experience to everyone who visits your blog.

However, some people do not take into account the loading speed of their blogs because it tends to put a lot of ads on one page so that it will make loading the blog slower. Other than that, the Internet quota will be more extravagant. Because of the above things should the bloggers consider factors that can make loading their pages online to be heavy.

There are actually a variety of ways that can be done to accelerate the loading of a webpage to become faster. Online website optimization is a lot of it, ranging from optimizing blog layouts, optimization to titles to draw, ad placements, and still more. Well, what about the speed of your blog? Does your blog belong to a quick or slow category?

If your website is a heavy loading web. So, this article has interesting Tips and tricks to accelerate the loading of the blog, most likely will succeed in a fairly easy way. Before, do you know? What can slow the loading of your business's Internet site? Then before knowing how to solve it, you should know the cause first.

Some things are likely because of the image of a large size, a lot of ads on one page, type of template weight, wrong select hosting and so on. Therefore from these possibilities let's find the solution in the description below include tips and tricks easy and successful in accelerating/optimizing your blog to be lightweight. Follow the discussion.

How to accelerate blog Loading easily and successfully

1. Choosing a suitable Niche for blogs

Some people suggest choosing a niche that matches your abilities and interests, others suggest choosing a niche that is much on the internet search. And indeed both opinions have a point. But there are good suggestions if wanting to earn money from Google Adsense is to choose a niche that you like and have nothing to do with topics surrounding blogging.

Because it is, in fact, the best niche is the one you like and master. However, you can still explore other titles or topics that are slightly widened and relate to the main niche in your blog. Niche with many timeless keywords will be the best option to keep looking by many people all the time.

2. Build an SEO Friendly Blog

Strive to not use too many features on your blog pages, especially for Wordpress users. Generally using redundant Plugins can make the process of loading on the blog longer. Nobody likes to linger long waiting for loading a blog instead? Therefore you need to pay attention to the standard of your blog, as does the Title Homepage, descriptions and other things that affect SEO.

3. Reduce the size of CSS

The next tip is to minimize the size of the CSS used on your blog so that it will be lighter and indirectly speed uploading on your site. You don't need to reduce the CSS size manually because in this way it will actually take a very long time. But you can try to reduce the size of the CSS by using the famous CSS site as an example is in

4. Compressing images before uploading

It's better before you upload an article with image attachments, try to compress the image first. Although quite troublesome and takes some time again. But apparently, the result is good, also can accelerate the loading of blogs, it allows the saving of space on your blog savings. However, get out of it all the better to not reduce the sharpness of the image so it can be difficult for visitors to see.

5. Limit the number of ad views

Sometimes some bloggers start to advertise blindly, this is what can make your blog have a good performance because it is slow. A good suggestion is not to put too many ads on your one page, in addition, it can slow down the process of loading the blog, it can also interfere with visitors to be able to read your writing content well, the other worry is advertising It is not even supportive but disturbing the convenience of visitors.

Here are some interesting tips for you to be able to accelerate the loading process on your blog easily and be guaranteed to be successful. Hopefully, in some way, this can help your blog quality more especially in the Loadingnya speed level. Undoubtedly if your blog has a fast performance, surely the blog visitors will be more comfortable and even want to visit again. Hopefully, this information is useful for you and thanks to you.