How to Bring a Visitor Blog With Right Facebook Fanspage

There are many ways of bringing a Visitor or visitor blog. Starting from the article writing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) up to share the blog link to social media. If you are lazy to interact in your social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Google + and Whatsapp, you can rely on Search Engines.

The most widely used Search engines are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It is obvious if we look at the average blog traffic of the visitor source from there. Some people rely on Social Media to capture visitors. This way is quite troublesome because it has to update continuously and if the Pengen is good to pay.

Then how to bring a visitor blog using social media but do not use capital. It's free and even more cool we don't need many updates because every post we make is not wasted. From the sheer number of social media to promoting blogs I'd rather use the Fanspage (Facebook page).

If you don't already have a Facebook Fanspage please follow the following tutorials:
  • Please login to your own Facebook account, don't have someone else's Facebook account. 
  • If you are using a PC or computer then click on the menu in the top right corner (settings), select Create page. 
  • If you are using a Smartphone (HP Android) Please click on settings in the upper right corner and look down the search menu  "Create page " Next click Start > > Write page name > > Select Category > > add your site link > > Add profile picture and photos Cover > > Next > > Visit > Page > completed.
Make a FB Fanspage that fits a nice Blog buddy. My advice is Fanspage that many people like about cooking recipes or a Tutorial. This time I share is about the average cooking recipe in the love of the mother group. If it is so now we will start by promoting the Facebook page.

Create a FB Fanspage post that's useful

If you have just had a Facebook Fanspage and not many of its members then my suggestion for some status on the Fanspage is interesting. Interesting here is that you make a useful post according to Nice Fanspagenya. Example: Create multiple posts about cooking recipes.

When a Facebook page has not much has a member of my suggestion do not spread your Blog Link. If that's you do then your FB Fanspage will find it difficult to get members because nowadays many people know if a lot of promotions will not be in like Facebook. Make it gradually 5 to 10 statuses on the fan page so that it looks active.

Invite friends to Like Fanspage

Inviting Facebook friends to like our Facebook page is not an easy thing because of the 5000 friends that you invite are certainly only a few who respond. This can also not be done at once because when inviting friends have to click one by one. Just imagine if having 5 thousand friends means 5 thousand clicks.

Do a friend invite gradually, don't rush and adjust to your time. It's pretty easy because if your Desktop version just looks in the menu on the right side then there's invite friends button. If you are using the Mobile version or Android PHONE, you can see the menu on the first page when you open that FB Fanspage.

Share Fanspage Group Facebook

The surefire and most effective way of bringing Like Fanspage is through Facebook Group. Please look for Facebook Group which corresponds to Nice buddy. If about the cooking recipe Please select Group about the cooking recipes. Do not share posts that do not fit Nice then 2 possibilities are not in the published by the admin and more severe you are in the Remove from the Group.

Share Fanspage Facebook to Group Facebook Many members and this nice match I've attested. Fanspage will be many who like and more interesting is the article we many who share where. The more that share then most likely your Faspage will flood with Like followers and members.

Create a single article post on a full and long Blog

Special Cookbook Blog Sometimes we see just making one recipe for each post. Itupun not supported by article writing SEO. Finally to counter the site of Cookpad on the Google homepage is difficult enough. So if you rely on Fanspage Facebook create one article with a full version

One example of the article is "20 recipes for how to make fruit ice". That way your articles will look long and complete. The readers most like the article are complete and not cut into pieces. If you've already created the post, then we'll create a post on the right Facebook Fanspage and have it hit the target.

Post Fanspage features Link Blog articles

Average if we straightforwardly post a Blog Link AJA without making useful writing first. This way is not wrong but the average person will lazy click the link of the buddy. What's more possible in Like and Komentarpun not. So the right way is to keep a useful post with compelling images.

When reading people if your article is useful then it will be a lot to like and share. At the end of the post on Fanspage, you love your Blog link by adding the word  "Please read the full Tutorial ". If it's about a recipe you create a post with a lot of pictures, in each of the images there is a recipe for cooking and at the end of the article you slip Link Blog.

Don't create a new status when Fanspage's posts again crowded

Most people when Fanspage is more crowded with likes and their comments are increasingly passionate and ultimately keeps new posts. This way I think it is wrong because if you create a status on Fanspage with a new article then your old article will be lonely. This I have proved and it was successful although rarely update.

Make one post in Fanspage FB a few days once. If one of your posts is flooded with comments and shares then don't create a new post until the post is deserted again. New posts are definitely different from the results because everyone is looking at what angle the status is useful or not.

Building a Facebook Fanspage is the same as building your Blog. Not just to scatter Blog links but make useful posts also affects. The more that Like and Share your Fanspage posts then the more Fanspage members are. What's even cooler than thousands of readers there are certainly hundreds who click your blog link at the end of the article.

Make friends definitely curious Fanspage my Facebook what ya!!! For sure I do not make Fanspage Hoax or Fanspage who dropped someone. I have 10 Fanspage FB but the active one I update only 3 Fanspage. The average already tens of thousands of members there is even one fan page already reaching 98 thousand members.

All the Fanspage that I manage never use AD capital. All I did manually and was full of patience. Learn from each mistake and keep fixing it. Don't ask here because the experience is the most valuable teacher. Please apply this way I can definitely succeed.

If from a discussion Tutorial on how to bring Visitor Blog using Facebook Fanspage There is still a less obvious please ask in the Comments field. Koment Disqus This blog is active on my Android so if you commented I can directly answer. Hopefully useful for Sekalin friends and Success Blogger greetings.