How to Create Content Blog Article SEO Friendly

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a word commonly used in the world of bloggers. Not a few Blog owners race the contest makes writing that SEO to be competitive on the Google homepage. The technique and language used greatly affect the search engine to read the correct writing structure.

Early on I would not use a difficult language about SEO because I David actually less understand what is SEO. If you are using the Wordpress Platform (WP) There is already a facility to detect our article is correct or not. Different if using Blogger that we check manually.

To be able to write the right one we need to have a lot of knowledge about what we will write later. The trick is to read or execute your own execution to get experience on the problem that we will discuss. In that way can be ensured we can write smoothly without having to do a Copy Paste another person's article.

You can see the picture above is one of the articles that I tried to create using the techniques in the discussion in this article. Initially, it was on Page 2 of the 7th sequence but the following day went to Page 1 of order 3 and above the article Mas Sugeng. You can practice some of the tips below.

Precise title selection

The keywords in the title determine how many visitors will come to our Blog. If one determines then as good and complete as anything we write is difficult to find by the searchers. Create a headline by doing research first. If you don't know how please read: 5 free tools for Keyword research.

Put the main keyword in front of one example  "How to Make a Blog using HP Android ". How to make a Blog is the primary keyword and using HP Android is an additional sentence that could help the SEO value on the article title. That way the article we created has a Target on target.

Creating a skeleton article

After getting the title right then the next step is to create a skeleton article first. This way makes it easier for us to assemble each paragraph with a structured sentence. It's easy enough to make the arrangement we're going to write. Starting from the understanding, early-stage, initial story, content problem and last make a conclusion.

Create a neat skeleton-like  "Table of Contents" in a book. There we can find with the framework  "Introduction, problems faced, solution problems and conclusions or covers. Never write a sentence not according to the framework of the article because later will confuse the reader even Google also difficult to read the structure of the writing.

Composing paragraphs of each sentence

Make sentences in each paragraph that are orderly and arranged. You can write it by looking at the title child of each paragraph. Do not write sentences with the word above 20 words so that Google's search engine can read the sentence structure. Paragraph drafting is not too long or too short for better reading.

Never escape the context of the discussion such as inserting an inappropriate sentence of the article. Make each sentence with a set of words as detailed as possible even if you need to get more vocabulary related to the article. Before you publish the article please reread and fix the undefault sentence.

Creating an appropriate Internal Link

The target is to so that visitors stay on our blog by reading other articles. But if this technique is done the wrong way then it can be ensured Internal Link can not work properly. Create Internal Link in the contents of the article about 3 to 5 which goes to the corresponding article.

If the article discusses how to create a blog then make sure the Internal Link we install also about the Blog. If different The weather would be bad even the article SEO level can be reduced. Google will find it hard to read the structure in the article because the discussion sentences are too many and different.

Word length in one article

There is no limit on how many words in one Blog article to SEO. Articles with only 300 words can also be on Google Page One if it has a good quality article. Google likes with articles that are structured and no sentences are repeated until several times. Even Google can read if several paragraphs double.

My advice is to create a minimum article 500 words and if it is more lengthy it is nicer. With the completeness of the article can be sure to compete Google homepage easily. But the need in the Inggat is not to pursue the length of the article doing a cheat way i.e. Copy Paste the article belongs to someone else.

More effective Original Articles

Many people make read by doing Rewrite someone else even does Copy-Paste some of his articles. This way is very bad not even just dropping the blog yourself but it can also make us a lazy man. Stop doing this and start with something new by writing your own thought results.

The style of language that we pour in the writing is certainly different from other people's writings. Without having to check the article plagiarism or not then it can certainly be directly Publish. The more ORI writing then Google will be faster to read even if already trusted can compete Google homepage quickly.


Google continues to update its algorithm so keep creating Ori articles by selecting the appropriate title and creating the correct article outline. The wording of each paragraph is very affecting because Google prefers the word structured word. Create internal linked links and not escape the context.

Lastly, don't forget to register the article to Webmaster Tools, which is to Google Search Console.