How to Install Youtube Video Content on Blogger Easily

Being a writer on a personal blog is fun if we master the material made. I am the one who lacks the master editing of Blogger templates but over time since I got to know the blog 1 year ago there's finally some tricks that I've begun to master. One of the vital enough in creating a blog article is how we provide the material as complete as possible so that the readers feel satisfied and keep on the blog we have.

Like the title How do I install Vidio Youtube on Blogger? In the past I thought to install Vidio Youtube on the blog can not but to what I visit Neighbors blog there is always Youtube Vidio attached. With the complete material and provided her YouTube, it is quite pleased by the visitors. In addition to satisfying visitors, it turns out a lot of benefits if we attach Youtube videos in blogs.

Benefits of attaching YOUTUBE VIDEO on Blog:
  • Visitors will be satisfied because if they do not understand they will play the Youtube Vidio and finally the visitors feel at home in our blog. 
  • Complete if the Youtube video is ours because if our article many visitors then it is possible that the Youtubenya Vidio is also many who play and finally we get income from 2 places namely Adsense Blog and Youtube. 
  • If visitors are longer in our blog then it is possible to be more interested in seeing Adsense ads that serve. 
  • If we attach someone else's Youtube Vidio we remain lucky because the visitor satisfaction is a top priority so that visitors will someday return to visit our blog please add it in the comments field according to you.
How to install YOUTUBE VIDEO on Blogger easily:
  1. Create posts like you normally would write the articles you'll create as much as possible and better Youtube Vidio on attaching at the end of the article. 
  2. Log into Youtube and open one of the Vidio you will attach. 
  3. Click Share will appear option and select the Blogger logo. 
  4. Select Edit HTML to see the code.
  5. Copy HTML Code
  6. Go to Blogger on the post you're typing that you want to attach to your Youtubenya Vidio. On Postinggan blogger Select HTML and Paste the Youtube video code. 
  7. Again you click Compose to see the results and see Youtube Vidio is already showing. 
Pretty easy instead of attaching Youtube Vidio on Blogger. If you install someone else's Youtube Vidio please always check the article because the Vididan is deleted. What's even better is the result of your own uploads. The trick to attach Youtube Vidio is quite effective to improve your visitor blog. Feel free to try it. Cooler If you create a tutorial article that usually visitors hard to understand but with a Youtube, Vidio Tutorial can explain to visitors. Congratulations try and good luck.