Maximize Traffic with Local SEO

Local SEO is very important to do when you have a business that runs on a small scale, for example, one city only. Unlike when DomaiNesians want to optimize the SEO with a national scale or even international. Local SEO focuses on searches that exist with things that smell very local. And not infrequently, the terms or language of the local also entered therein.

Well, this time we will talk about how to maximize website traffic belonging to DomaiNesians who are looking for local target visitors. Not only is it useful for local businesses, but also websites that want to capture regional traffic or shoot other cities.

Creating and Optimizing Google My Business

To start the process of local SEO optimization, the first time to do is create a Google My Business account. This will strengthen your presence digitally for free on the search page, make sure that you:
  1. Verify your Listing
  2. Provide accurate information and updates
  3. Provide logos, hours of payment, types of payments, product types offered, and of course a lot of product images you offer
  4. Invite visitors who have come to review on your Google business
  5. Actively respond to reviews they provide
  6. Create product-related content and your service through Google Post features
Get a Review of business visitors

By getting reviews from visitors who have attended not only to be a way to optimize local SEO. But it will also bring customers or traffic indirectly to businesses and websites that have been displayed on your website.

There are several ways that customers can be interested in giving their review:
  • Ask them personally after making a purchase
  • Send an email to those who have purchased from the website and requested a review
  • Responding to any reviews that come in and grateful because they have responded
Optimizing Voice-based search

Search by using the voice search feature is growing rapidly nowadays. To that optimize search in this way is vital enough to do. The tendency of people to search by using quite a long sentence or long-tailed keyword.

Creating content or Events with a local payload

There's nothing more helpful about optimizing local SEO than locally-charged content to attract local visitors. Some of the things that can be done are:
  1. Write a blog post about local news or ongoing activities in the city
  2. Make videos about local activities related to DomaiNesians ' business
  3. Using regional languages or idioms that are often used
  4. Add a city name as a keyword to optimize
Optimizing Website for Mobile devices

A study in 2018 showed that the development of mobile users increased very quickly than expected. Here are some tips you can do to achieve them:
  1. Ensure that the site is running quickly
  2. Use a large font so easy to read for small devices
  3. Ensuring User Interface that appeals to visitors to improve User Experience
Displaying the full address on our About page

At least DomaiNesians must have a page describing the location of the business it belongs to. This page can join our About page or about us. On this page you can add:
  1. Store Operating Hours Open
  2. Name, address and telephone number to be contacted
  3. Brief description
  4. Testimonials from ever-coming visitors
  5. Product-specific Promotions
  6. And of course a map of Google maps
Create a custom page for each product

Instead of creating a page that's too complex and complex, it's a good idea to create custom pages for each product offered. Besides you can more detail explanation about the product, also so that the loading speed of your page is not too heavy. What's more, a good SEO on a website is when optimizations run on many pages.

Local SEO: The more important than ever

SEO techniques change very quickly, and we all can't predict when Google will introduce new features regarding the local search. By Anticipator it using the seven ways above.