Seven Early Stages of Becoming a Blogger

Blogger, I think the title for someone who has and regular manages a blog on the Internet. The Blog is a digital means for someone who wants or likes to write, be it about tutorials, news, health, and so forth.

The early stages of becoming a Blogger

The first time I created a blog about tutorials because that is the field that I like. As on this occasion, I want to give a little information on how the heck to be a blogger? or early stages of being a blogger. Just Bloggers Yes, still the process for successful bloggers.

Create a Blog

Sure we have to create a blog to become a blogger. There are many free blog platforms you can use such as Wordpress, Blogger, TUMBLR, Weebly, etc. But the most popular ones are Wordpress and Blogger. You just have to choose, all for free, no admission fee required.

Define Blog Topics

Blog topics or often called "niche " are very important we apply. Blog topics will make it easier for visitors to recognize and know the overall content of a blog. For example, when you want to buy drugs, of course, you will visit is a pharmacy, as it is also with a blog. Blogs that have one topic and discuss in-depth are very good and look more professional. But like there are also who have a Mixed content blog or discuss many topics.

It's okay, but yeah better I think I don't have too many topics covered. To determine the topic of the blog you can start from reading yourself, in terms of what you like. Because when we create a blog with a topic that we like, then when writing articles not too confused can even get a new idea.

Learn SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) The short meaning is an optimization that is done against blogs that aim to increase the popularity of a blog in the eyes of search engines, the more increasing the chances of getting traffic ( Visitor). You can learn SEO science on the internet, many so long as we can try and keep trying. Science like the way of planting backlinks, how to write SEO articles, optimization on-page, optimization of the page, is very useful for upgrading your blog.

Writing articles

Writing on the blog is very different from the way of writing taught by your teachers at school. In the blog we do not need to pay attention to the correct spelling of the language, it is up to Deh, want to use language or the language of the languages if Gakpapa. But what to note is the SEO of the article. Heading usage, such as H1, H2, H3, H4,.., keywords is crucial in a blog. Again all that you can learn in detail on the Internet.

Searching for references

When a blogger is a reference it is necessary to bring up a new idea of "what to wear our blog will be". I usually look for references on some of the famous blogs that one topic with my blog. A reference can also bring up new ideas when we are confused at looking for "what we will write ", usually this confusion appears in the middle. Well, I usually get a reference in real life, when there is a problem and I have new knowledge, it is normally I write on the blog.

Connect with fellow bloggers

Trust a rope or friendship with fellow bloggers is very useful, although we do not know exactly that person. I have some blogger friends on social media, usually, we are sharing, even love to share the template for the sake of each blog progress. There is a lot of social media groups discussing the science of blogging and SEO.

Don't be ashamed of introducing your Blog

A blog will go forward when we begin to introduce our blog to everyone. Don't be shy to introduce though our blog is still ordinary. I like to share the latest articles with several groups on social media to introduce my blog. Besides, you can also create a fan page on Facebook as a tool to share your blog.