Tips for Ranking with Google SERP Snippets

To get rankings on Google, you'll need to update all of Google's features to the most recent version all the time. For those of you who struggle in the SEO world definitely notice that Google is constantly changing its features. Therefore, you have to learn how these features work, so you don't lose rankings. As you learn about Google's new features, don't forget about the competitors Yes, DomaiNesians. You must keep an eye on competitors. The search results displayed by Google are now more than just plain links. Snippets are the first thing most people see when searching for a word or phrase. This feature is becoming increasingly popular every year.

Now the question is, why can Google snippets be so popular? One of them is that it allows users to get the answers they're looking for in a fast, convenient, and easy-to-read way. You'll also know that users don't have to click anything to find what they're looking for. Google snippets not only makes it easy for many people. Snippets are displayed, allowing marketers to beat competitors, increase conversions, and drive traffic to their websites. This is backed by the research results done by HubSpot, which suggests that the content displayed in snippets gets twice as high CTR.

What are Google snippets?

Be aware or not, you must have seen this feature. Snippets are snippets of your search results on Google. The position occupied by snippets is often called zero position because Snippet is a feature that takes up a lot of space on the search results page. Snippets are usually at the very top of the page. Google will give you results or answers to your questions with snippets that contain information. Typically, Google will show snippets of the content that are indeed in the ranking one but can also display the answers of the content that is ranked below. This Snippet makes users find answers easier than ever because you don't have to click anything to read the information.

According to Ahrefs, content with Google Snippet features will be ranked in the top 10 of Google search. However, Getstat says that the Snippet comes from a website that isn't actually in the top position of Google search. So, if you don't have a high ranking, this is good news. You still have the chance to rank with Google Snippet features. Moreover, if the website you focus on the content of DIY, health, or financial. You can certainly get higher rankings of other industry content. Ahrefs finds that the search query with these words has a better chance of being displayed with the Snippet feature. The words in question are recipes, best, Vs. (versus), create, and definitions.

Tips #1. Use Google to uncover Snippet opportunities

One of the best ways is to position yourself like an audience or Google users. What are some questions that many people are looking for? You can try to put yourself in as a new marketer who knows digital marketing. You can be less informed about some common terms regarding digital marketing. Some many words and terms exist in the marketing world that might be confusing. For searches related to the definition or meaning of a word, Google snippets will come in a paragraph form. Snippets are not only in paragraph form. But there are some results displayed in the form of a list of steps (steps).

You can also get ideas in the "People also ask" section. The section shows questions related to the search you're doing. You can also see the result snippet for each query in "People also ask", you just have to click the down arrow on the right, and you can read the result snippet from the related question. It's a quick way to identify competitors and content ideas in one simple step.

Tips #2. Use Headers

One quick and simple way to format your content for Google snippets is to make sure that you're dividing your content into sections. If you're creating content in Google Docs or directly in WordPress, try using the "Paragraph Style" section. Organize your content, lists, or paragraphs by using headers. Use H1, H2, H3, and H4, and make sure you're setting the subheading by size. For example for subtitles after the main title, you can use H2 or H3. If the content you're going to share is a way of doing something, you can add "Step 1", "Step 2" for each Heading, so Google will also place it according to the order. So make sure to format your articles in the correct order too, so that your content has a chance to be displayed by Google.

Tips #3. Add the "How-To" section of the Website

The Google Snippet feature is a feature that gives you a great opportunity to draw traffic to your website and get new leads. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to redesign in a way that makes it possible to optimize content that contains how to do things or the steps of doing something. The special "How-To" section of the website is devoted to answering questions or solving problems that usually occur. Another option if you don't want to create a "How-To" page is to create a QnA area. This area can include a wide range of answers to common questions about the product, service or industry that you are in.

Tips #4. Add images and videos with high quality

Many people prefer to learn visually. That's why photos and videos can help you get the Snippet feature in Google's search results. From the "How-To" content mentioned above, you only need to add an image in each of the steps. And don't forget about the video too. A Video has a very large engagement rate. A total of 65 people watched at least three-quarters of videos and 59 professionals believe that people are more likely to watch a video if the video is merged with text. For you who are producing videos, don't forget to create the transcript. Google will recognize the text and your video may be selected to show with the Google Snippet feature. Also, make sure your videos are of high quality.

Follow the development of Google to defend rankings

Maintaining a ranking can be very exhausting. But the current Snippet feature is still in its heyday. The pages with snippets still dominate the search to date. The Snippet feature is the first thing that appears in most SERPs. If your content is present in the form of snippets, then you're considered to be at zero, which is the highest position, perhaps even without ads. So if you want to increase conversions, drive visitors to your website, and beat your competitors easily, Google snippets are the answer.