Tips Quick Typing Keyboard Tutorial for Beginners

Fast typing Keyboard-one of the things that many people want to write on your computer screen is to have fast typing skills. This will further increase writing productivity and save time. Write quickly one of them can use 10 fingers technique by not seeing the keyboard. This ability is very useful for a blogger, Secretary, registrar, Tyman, people who open business typing services, students, students, and others.

Quick typing Keyboard Tutorial for beginners

To master the ability to quickly type 10 fingers, good and true does not require high intelligence. It's a matter of skill and habit that anyone can get trained. People with less intelligence can master this quick writing technique. Provided frequent exercises and exercises. With the increasingly diligent you learn to type a keyboard quickly and correctly on a computer screen then you can quickly master the fast typing skills.

Instead, you follow tutoring and fast typing course guidance 10 fingers system that is very expensive better you learn yourself at home. The media for learning is very easy to find that you are used to using i.e. computer or laptop along with keyboard board.

Quick Typing Usability 10 fingers

There are many benefits when someone mastered the quick 10 finger typing technique. Suppose for a student or student when he is assigned to write a paper then he can solve it in a quick time. Remembering a typing paper doesn't take a long time as it is typing quickly in a Microsoft Word program without looking at the keyboard.

The benefits gained from mastering super fast 10 finger typing techniques are faster in writing Chat or reply comments for Twitter and Facebook. While working on other tasks, the fingers of the hands continue to move together with the perfect word that is well-desired without a meaningful mistake.  This is what makes 10 fingers quick writing ability to simplify and relieve someone's job in online or social media.

For beginners who are not used to using this technique will certainly have difficulties. But with high discipline, patience, practice process, and continuous learning will make you quickly master these quick writing skills. Once you master 10 finger writing skills in a fast course you want to write continuously. Even your typing skills will go beyond one hundred percent of others ' writing skills.

Quick typing Keyboard Tutorial for beginners

With no width, the following tutorial typing a keyboard quickly for beginners, among others:
  1. Positioning the body properly and correctly when typing
  2. Place the fingers of the hands at the right position above the keyboard board. Make sure that the left index must press the letter F. and the index right presses the letter J. Thus, all letters are well reached by ten fingers.
  3. Remember the position of each letter on the keyboard. As of today, the author learns to type 10 fingers quickly. And it was already accustomed to knowing the position of each number and the letters on the keyboard.
  4. Divide a task
Remembering a lot of keys on your keyboard is sure to divide the task of keystrokes between your right and left hand. For the task finger, the right-hand press the buttons 6, 7, N, M, Y, U, H and J adjacent to the position. The task of middle-handed right hand is to press the Start button, number 8, comma, letter I and K. Right-hand finger is used to press Alt key, point, parentheses, number 9, letter O and L. Little finger right hand used to press the button Shift and Ctrl right, Slash, question mark, slash, letter P, quotation mark and colon. The right thumb is used to press the SPACEBAR.

For the left index is used to press the numeric keys 5, 4, Letter B, T, G, V, R, and F. While the middle finger is assigned to press the numeric keys 3, the letters C, E and D. As for the ring finger left hand to press the number 2, the letter X, W, and S. The thumb of the hand I assigned pressing the space bar alternately with the right-hand thumb. For Kelingkin Fingers

Image: The left hand Unsplashg is used to press the window keys of Windows, Ctrl, Shift, Capslock and Tab.

For those of you beginners who feel the difficulty in practicing the way above then you can use various applications to learn fast typing 10 fingers that you can download for free on the internet.

So the tutorial typing the keyboard quickly for beginners. It's unfortunate that when you get used to typing but the ability of the typing speed is mediocre. Because you can increase the writing speed on the keyboard using a quick 10-finger typing technique.