Tutorial How to Solve Redmi Note 5A Ugglite Stuck Mode Recovery

For the first time, Admin gets a Job Service Redmi Note 5A Ugglite version warranty Distributor with code series behind case MDT6 without Finger Print that has encountered an error in Recovery mode auto-login when turned on and appears warning The MIUI Version Cannot Be Installed on this device which means that the version of the Firmware MIUI used for Flash was previously likely a global version so it is not compatible with the device Redmi Note 5A Gransi Distributor.

The possibility of a counter owner who passes the REDMI Note 5A service has tried to flash itself regardless of the version of REDMI Note 5A whether Distributor warranty version with Chinese Developer ROM or the official version of TAM Indonesia with the Global ROM And also do not check if Redmi Note 5A with Frimeware this Developer has already unlocked the bootloader yet. Because of position is still locked Bootloader automatically when flashed using Frimeware Global Version will directly Brick Error or Error Auto login Mode Recovery like this.

In such an error condition when Redmi Note 5A is forced to turn on will lead to the display of the handphone in Mode when it is not connected to charger or charging.

To troubleshoot Redmi Note 5A Stuck Mode Recovery is to perform a Flash reset using the China Developer version of Firmware. It can also use a modified stable Global ROM as Admin applies in this case handling.

To flash a Redmi Note 5A Ugglite that still Locked Boot Loader must go through the EDL Test Point mode. Unload back cover Case, then look at a picture above looks right adjacent to a camera there are 4 dots, 2 dots from below is the point of Test Point.

Connect the Redmi Note 5A with a computer using a USB cable with a Test Point method by connecting both test points using the tweezers then newly followed by plugging in the USB connector.

Make sure Note 5A is successfully connected in Qualcomm's EDL mode to ensure that the Device Manager is open if the Qualcomm port has appeared Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9800 with the Test Point EDL method succeeded.

First, please Download Redmi Note 5A Flash Fix Stuck Recovery Tool via the following Link: UGGLITE FIX RECOVERY

After the Redmi Note 5A is connected in EDL mode, open the application   UGGLITE FIX RECOVERY If your computer is installed antivirus Smadav should disable or close first.

Enter Number 1 then press Enter, then the flash process will take place as shown in the following screenshot:

Wait for the flash process to finish, message congratulations you succeeded in Fix Stuck Recovery Ugglite.

Now try turning on the Redmi Note 5A, if it doesn't turn on unplug the battery plug then plug it back in and try turning it on.

Error Stuck Mode Recovery on Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Ugglite can be easily above using the above means. Moreover, there will be no constraints FRP Google Account or Locked Mi Account with using this way and also support for REDMI Note 5A Ugglite series MDE6 and MDG6, Redmi Note 5A securely installed SIM card and connected Internet network.

Case Error on Note 5A Ugglite Stuck Mode Recovery Notification of The MIUI Version Can't be installed on this device is due to the REDMI Note 5A Distributor warranty version with China Developer ROM is still in the Locked BootLoader state flash using Global stable firmware without Unlock Bootloader first.