2 Easy Ways To Merge Multiple PDF Files Into One

When you are faced with a situation where you need a PDF file consisting of several PDF files that are combined into one of course for those of you who are not very good at computer science will be made a headache. How to combine several PDF files into one file, while as we know that PDF files in general can no longer be re-edited without going through Convert which is to convert PDF files into other document extensions such as being converted to JPG or Microsoft Office Documents such as Word and Exel.

Here I will share knowledge on how you can combine multiple pdf files consisting of & nbsp; 1, 2 pages pdf & nbsp; or more into 1 PDF file easily and quickly. There are two ways that can be taken, namely combining PDF files offline and online. I will discuss both of these methods in this post.

How to Merge PDF Files Offline

Merging PDF files Offline means combining several PDF files into one PDF file without the need to use an application or website that requires internet network access. so without an internet connection in this way you can still create one PDF file from a combination of several PDF files offline.

1. Change every page from PDF files to JPG using Adobe Photoshop Application by Right-clicking the PDF file Open With Adobe Photoshop

 2. Select the required page then confirm OK

3. Save As PDF page becomes an Image file with JPG Extension

4. Make Word worksheets with mini paper size for example 5 x 7 in (13 x 18 cm) or adjusted to the needs of the more paper size, the smaller the PDF file size later.

5. Copy and Paste the PDF page file that has become a JPG to Microsoft Word.

6. Save As document with PDF Extensions

7. Finished, you have successfully created a multi-page PDF file using Microsoft Office

How to Merge PDF Files Online

PDF file Online combining means in the process of using the Application or Website that requires internet network access. This method is the most practical way compared to how to merge PDF File Offile. But there is one thing that is lacking in this method, namely the PDF file size that cannot be adjusted. so sometimes the result is the size of PDF files from multiple pages exceeds the maximum requirement, for example, the maximum file size of 6 multi-page PDFs is 500 Kb, the results may be more than 500 KB later.

1. Open the Small PDF Website

2. Upload a PDF file that will be made into one PDF file via the Select File menu

3. Add multiple PDF files through the Add File menu and then click Select File

4. Click the Merge PDF menu to start the Merge process

5. Wait until the merge process is complete and the Download menu appears

6. Download PDF file resulting from the merge & nbsp; with the result of the file name ending with the words combine

Thus 2 Tutorials on How to Easily Combine Multiple PDF Files into One PDF File Online and Offile. Hopefully the two methods above are easy to understand and practice, choose the one that is the most suitable for your needs.