2 Ways to Disable Video AutoPlay on LinkedIn

Disable AutoPlay Video on LinkedIn. One of the premium social media networks that you deserve to try is LinkedIn. A place where people who work as business people gather. The average member or LinkedIn user comes from large companies both nationally and internationally. there are many job vacancies offered information and also discussions about popular business trends. Even so, there are also members of LinkedIn who come from content creators like YouTubers and Bloggers.

LinkedIn is a place for a variety of innovative knowledge and information. I got a lot of new things, starting from getting acquainted with people with upper-middle-class skills and also information about work and entertainment published in the form of individual texts, image content and also video.

Here I will share a tutorial on how to disable the AutoPlay video feature on LinkedIn. Apart from preventing video play automatically when there are pages with video content that may sometimes bring comfort, especially when the volume of your mobile is in the Up position. of course, the loud noise generated by the video that plays will automatically hear the people around you. In addition, disabling AutoPlay videos can also minimize the use of internet quota. so that the use of the LinkedIn application access quota can be minimized.

How to Disable Video AutoPlay on LinkedIn Desktop Browser Users

The following is a guide to deactivating AutoPlay videos on LinkedIn feed pages for Computer and Laptop users accessing LinkedIn using a Desktop browser such as Google Chrome.

1. Open the page LinkedIn website

2. Click the Triangle Icon under your LinkedIn Account Profile Photo then select the Settings & Privacy

3. Click the Account menu tab

4. Scroll down the page and look for the Video Autoplay menu

5. Change the Auto-play video settings from Yes to No.

6. Done, Steps to disable AutoPlay Video on LinkedIn successfully, you try to find videos of LinkedIn user status, the video will certainly not play unless you click the Play Video icon

How to Disable Video AutoPlay on LinkedIn Android Users

The following tutorial is how to deactivate the AutoPlay video on the LinkedIn Android Mobile User Application:

1. Run the LinkedIn Application

2. Your Profile Photo tab in the upper left corner

3. Select Settings Options

4. Select the ACCOUNT Menu Tab and scroll down the page to find the Video Autoplay menu

5. By default, the Active Option Position is On Cellular Data and Wi-Fi Connection change the measurement to Never Automatically Play Video

6. The process of disabling AutoPlay Video in the LinkedIn Application is complete successfully

There will be no more videos on LinkedIn Feed Pages that are automatically played so that they can increase comfort and also save your internet quota usage. Videos on LinkedIn you can only play manually with the Play icon tab on the Video.

So 2 tutorials on how to easily disable the AutoPlay video on LinkedIn whose benefits I have mentioned above. Hopefully, this tutorial is easy for you to understand and practice. Don't forget to leave a trail by using Like FansPage, Subscribe, and Share.