Easy way of ByPass Redmi 4A Pattern with RBSoft

To bypass or solve the problem of forgetting patterns or screen PINs on Android Xiaomi Redmi 4A cannot be done via hard reset. this is because by default the Redmi 4A manufacturer has not been equipped with Recovery features so that it resets or other needs related to Recovery must use the Mi PC Suite Application.

There are 3 ways you can do to overcome the Forgotten Pattern or screen PIN problem on Android Xiaomi Redmi 4A:
  1. Using the help of the Chinese version of the MI PC Suite Application, where Redmi 4A can be reset via the MI PC Suite Application like a reset using Recovery.
  2. Use the help of RBSoft Application to reset user data which includes resetting the user settings for Redmi 4A users.
  3. Flash is reused using the MI Flash Application with Redmi 4A ROM or Firmware.

Of the 3 ways above, the easiest and fastest way to work is using the RBSoft Application's help. But as an experimental material, I tried using the first method, which is to reset Redmi 4a through the Chinese version of the MI PC Suite application.

How to Reset Android Xiaomi Redmi 4A using MI PC Suite Application to delete user data to overcome the problem of forgetting patterns or Screen PIN:

1. Turn off Redmi 4A then press the Volume Up button and the Power Button together

2. The menu display appears in Chinese, select Recovery

3. The command picture appears connecting Redmi 4A with the MI PC Suite Desktop Application, connecting Redmi 4A with a Computer using a USB Data cable.

4. Run the Chinese Version of the MI PC Suite Application, if you don't already have it please first Download MI PC Suite China

5. Make sure the computer or laptop used is connected to the Internet network, click the Next button in Chinese.

6. Wait until the installation process and Redmi 4A read device is complete, if successful there will be several menus will appear, select menu number 2 from the bottom to reset.

Unfortunately here after trying several times it always fails, both using Windows 10 and Windows 7. For the cause I myself do not know, sometimes it can run normally and sometimes it is always wayward.

Because using the MI PC Suite application turned out to fail to no avail, so I tried Alternative 2 which was easier and certainly successful had never experienced failure.

How to Reset Android Xiaomi Redmi 4A using the RBSoft Application to delete user data overcoming the problem of forgetting patterns or Screen PIN and also being able to resolve the Redmi 4A problem locked FRP Google Account.

1. Run the RBSoft Application in a condition of Windows connected to the Internet network, Login using the User and Password that has been provided in the RBSoft V.1.6 Mobile Tool package.

If you don't have it yet, please download via the following link: Bypass FRP Tool For All Android Mode With or Without PC and Laptop

2. Manual Loader checklist then enters the Prog_emmc_firehose_8917_ddr.mbn file which can be taken by the Redmi 4A Firmware in the images folder.

3. Remove the Battery Connector then connect Redmi 4A to the Computer in EDL Test Point mode. Redmi 4A Test Point Point is under the left connector look at the picture below for more details.

4. Make sure Redmi 4A is connected to the computer in Qualcomm EDL mode, it can be checked through the Device Manager. If the procedure is correct in the device manager, the Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 Ports will appear.

5. Click the Format UserData menu on the RBSoft V1.6 Mobile Tool Application

6. Wait for the User Data Format process to complete, marked by the appearance of the Forming Userdata OK notification, Rebooting the Device OK as shown in the screenshot below:

7. Redmi 4A will automatically restart but failed because the battery connector is removed. Reinstall the battery connector and try turning on Redmi 4A.

Don't panic because Redmi 4A will look like Bootloop stuck in the MI Logo. Just wait for the process to finish between 1 - 5 minutes and can be more.

8. The Remi 4A Pattern ByPass process successfully uses the RBSoft Mobile Tool Redmi 4A Application to enter the New Device Usage Setup mode after a user-data is reset.

The Reset UserData method uses the RBSoft Application to solve the problem of forgetting patterns, screen pins, and also Google Account FRP is very easy to implement and more efficient. This method can be applied to all types of Android Xiaomi with Qualcomm Chipsets.

Thus the Easy How ByPass Redmi 4A Tutorial uses RBSoft to solve the problem of forgetting patterns, forgetting screen pins, or locked FRP Google Accounts. Hopefully, it is easy to understand and practice. thank you for visiting do not forget to give a Like FansPage, Subscribe or share if deemed to provide benefits or solutions to the problem you are facing.

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