Easy way to refill Internet Quota by.U Cheap with DANA

Refill Internet Quota by.U Cheap with DANA. GSM by.U card is the latest product from Telkomsel based on all digital, then all activities can be used and carried out anywhere just by using the by.U application which can be downloaded politically on PlayStore. Since the announcement and publication of the GSM SIM Card by ..u are warmly welcomed by the people of Indonesia. Where SIM card users by.U until now continues to grow.

To refill internet quota SIM Card by.U Telkomsel is very easy. Payment can be through Bank Account Transfer, through Alfamart and Indomart Stores, through Aja Link, GoPay, OVO and FUND.

On this occasion I share the easy way to refill internet quota packages by.U cheap Telkomsel using DANA. as we all know that DANA can and can be used anywhere for payment of various bills Online, such as Online Shopping, Top Up, Offline Shopping in Stores or Supermarkets that have collaborated with FUN and also for payment of quota by.U cheap Telkomsel .

Let's just practice it together, so that you all know and understand how to refill internet quota by.U cheaply using DANA that can be used anywhere.

1. Open the Application by.U Telkomsel

2. Select the Buy Quota Menu

3. Select the Quota according to your needs and budget, press the Buy menu

4. In what payment window do you use? choose DANA

5. Continue Payment menu tab after you select DANA Options

6. Enter the cellphone number used for the DANA account, the Continue tab

7. Enter your DANA Account PIN

8. Wait a moment until PIN verification is successful

9. On your Payment Confirmation Window Pay tab

10. Payments for Internet Quota Purchases by.U are successful

Quota that you buy will be Active, Tab Return to Home

That's the guide for an easy way to refill internet quota packages by. U Telkomsel, cheap, use DANA that can be used anywhere. Hopefully it is useful for those of you who are looking for references on how to top up the internet quota by GSM GSM Telkomsel Card.