Guide on How to Refill Buy Credit Online in the Fund Application

How to Buy Credit on the DANA Application. There are many ways to refill Cell Phone Credit both standard pulses and internet pulses (Internet Quota) one of which is through the DANA Application. if in general people when they run out of standard pulses or data pusa will go out of the house to buy credit at the counters located in the area of residence.

But if you have a DANA Application Account and have done topup before when you run out of Credit, you do not need to leave the house just to top up Credit or buy an Internet Quota. Please note that the TopUp Balance of DANA at Alfa Mart or Indo Mart is free of charges.

For the cost of charging Credit using a DANA of Rp. 1,500, - and for online payment or online billing, for 1 month there should be no more than 10 transactions. if more than 10 times online bill payment transactions, many say will be charged a fee of Rp. 2,000 up to Rp. 4,000 / transaction.

I think by having a DANA account all payment needs become easier and more economical when compared to paying bills or topping up using Mobile Banking or SMS Banking with higher administrative costs.

How to Refill Cell Phone Credit Online Use the Fund Application 

The following is a tutorial guide on how to easily top up the top up using DANA for all Operators in Indonesia, faster and easier and no less important, no need to leave the house.

1. Open the DANA application and make sure your balance is sufficient for credit top up purchases

2. Select PULSE Menu with the Red Wifi Icon

3. Enter the mobile number that will be topped up, select the credit nominal as needed, then the Continue tab

4. After it is turned off Inpur Mobile Number is right the PAY menu tab

5. Purchase / Fill & nbsp; Repeat Credit Successfully, LIAHT TRANSACTIONS Tab menu to see details

Very easy is not a top up using a DANA application?
Easy, fast, and cheap and don't need to leave the house, do you feel interested to try it? Enjoy the convenience of topping up with only DANA

That's the Guide to How to Easily Refill Cell Phone Credit Online Using the DANA Application. Hopefully this article is useful and becomes additional information for those of you who have never used the DANA application. Final words Thank you for visiting.