How to Fill in the 2020 Online Population Census Registration Form

Population census 2020 Online is one of the latest programs recently released by the Indonesian Statistics Agency. It is hoped that with this program the population or census of Indonesian population will be easier and in accordance with the actual conditions. Because each individual or family head can directly fill in online population census forums directly so as to minimize data input errors, speed up the population data collection process and also reduce and ease the work of population census employees.

2020 population census registration is opened online through the official website of SP2020 Online - Central Statistics Agency. every citizen of Indonesia who has the tools & nbsp; or online media to access the internet can directly participate in filling out the 2020 population census registration formIndonesian citizens who do not take part in the online population census independently will be dataed by a special team of population census door-to-door.

The following & nbsp; Guide & nbsp; how to register the 2020 population census Online and the 2020 population census registration link through the website & nbsp; SP2020 Online- Indonesian Central Statistics Agency. The documents prepared are the Family Card and Marriage Certificate Book.

1. Open Central Statistics Agency website 

2. Enter your NIK, Family Card and captcha code Klick Check Presence. At this point it is recommended that the Head of Family's data be inputted first.

3. Create an Account Password and select a recovery question and provide answers to anticipate if a case of forgetting your Password Account is later happened. The selected question will be asked to confirm the password reset at a later date.

4. Click Create Password then Click Start to Fill

5. Data will automatically display data on the name of the head of the family and all names of family members listed and registered on the family card.

6. Fill in the Population Sensor Form in accordance with the actual data starting from the Province, District, Village, and so on. after completing the data on the next page click to continue filling in the next page data input form.

Before starting to register prepare the data required by looking at the screenshot below, so that later the registration process can be easier and faster.

After completing the data or inputting the head of the family's data then the next is filling in the identity data of family members, starting from his wife and children.

After all the data of the Head of the Family and the Family Members are filled, the stage of sending data for the 2020 population census online is submittedif there is still a wrong family member data on the data status a Data Not Incomplete warning will appear

Confirmation window will appear, Click Send to confirm and continue sending population census data..

Completing the 2020 Online Population Census Registration Form is complete and successful.

If it turns out there is an error filling the data Klick menu back to the main page then Klick Menu Fix Fill.

This is the Guide on How to Fill the Population Census 2020 registration form online through the SP2020 Online website - the Indonesian Statistics Center. I hope this tutorial is useful and makes it easier for those of you who want to directly participate in the Indonesia online population census program in 2020.