How to Hide WhatsApp Status from Certain People

One of the social media places to share information and entertainment through status updates is WhatsApp. Filters update WhatsApp is a lot of people who use it apart from Facebook because it can be a vehicle for entertainment to share information and communicate with each other commenting. different from the status on Facebook that can be seen by the public without having to make friends in basic setting mode, on WhatsApp status only people who have saved our numbers can see it.

But sometimes not all statuses are good or must be known by everyone who has saved our WhatsApp number. Or maybe there is one of WhatsApp friends who are not in contact with us so we don't want that person to see our status.

Or there may be some of our status that is privacy for some or certain people, and if they find out it is a problem and even causes problems. therefore sometimes we need to hide the status or mark someone so that we cannot see our status activities on social media like WhatsApp.

WhatsApp itself provides a filter for anyone who can see the status of the user's updates. There are three choices, namely

  1. My Contacts which means all the people who are WhatsApp friends with us (save our WhatsApp number)
  2. My Contacts Except for... & nbsp; which means all the people who are WhatsApp friends with us or save our WhatsApp number except for one or several people we can mark to be unable to monitor and see status updates us. & nbsp;
  3. Only Share With .... which means only certain people can see our status updates that we have chosen from people who are friends or save our WhatsApp number.
The third feature above is certainly very, very useful for WhatsApp users where we can determine who can see and who cannot see WhatsApp status updates that we share with Publick. but use this feature according to functions and positive goals yes friends. Because of the negative thing, even if it is hidden one day, it will also be exposed, as the saying goes, as smart as it is to save the carcass, it will surely also smell. if indeed it is very privacy or might have a positive impact if shared with the public it should be avoided to post it through a status update. just keep it in your heart and mind do not need to be published, because not as long as the people who are pro or friends with us become friends sometimes friends if they can be enemies or enemies or traitors and sheep fighters behind us later on. so ... be careful in updating the privacy status.

Now let's get back to the core point of this tutorial which is hiding WhatsApp status from someone so that it can only be seen by certain people.

First, open the STATUS Menu, then 3 vertical dots will appear in the upper right corner

Then two options menu appears, select Privacy Status

Privacy Status Settings appear, select one of the second or third menus according to their individual tastes and needs. For example, Admin will select only a few people who have marked Admin who cannot see WhatsApp Admin status.

Mark people who you don't want your WhatsApp status to see.

After completing the tab Check List button

Finish tab to end the settings.

Until here we have successfully applied the WhatsApp status filter settings to people who save our WhatsApp number so that they cannot see our status and only certain people can see WhatsApp status. this setting will be patent forever but it is possible to return to the default settings if we install and uninstall the WhatsApp application. so if we uninstall and install the new WhatsApp application because the cellphone is flashed again, for example, check this setting immediately.

Thus Tutorials How to Hide WhatsApp Status, hopefully, useful and thank you for visiting, Admin looks forward to visiting again next time.