How to Order GSM Telkomsel Cart by.U Telkomsel

In October 2019, the largest telecommunications company in Indonesia, Telkomsel officially released the first digital GSM Prepaid SIM card product in Indonesia under the name By.U. Prepaid GSM SIM Card By ..u Telkomsel reportedly aims to increase the convenience of loyal Telkomsel customers so they can be more flexible in determining what data packages they want.

By using a GSM SIM Card Prepaid By.U Telkomsel users can choose their own application quota what they want to use. so users can determine their own internet quota needs and then determine products according to their wants and needs based on social media applications used in daily activities.

To be able to use a GSM SIM Card Prepaid By.U Telkomsel users must first install the By.U Telkomsel Application which can be downloaded at the Play Store for free then register an account using & nbsp; Facebook account or & nbsp; Google account.

The By.U SIM Card package options currently available in the application are as follows:

  • Holiday Package Has Arrived, with the main quota of 30 GB, an active period of 30 days, for Rp. 100,000, -
  • A Package That Makes Comfort, with the main quota of 2 GB, a 3-day active period for Rp 9,000 -
  • Package That Makes Happy, with the main quota of 4 GB, active period of 7 days, for IDR 20,000 -
  • Package That Makes Nagih, with the main quota of 10 GB, an active period of 30 days, for Rp 50,000
  • After selecting the main quota, users can choose an additional quota to be used in the desired application. For example Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, to Joox.
I myself because I was curious to immediately try a Telkomsel By.U starter pack card because I was tempted by the 30 GB package offer with a 30-day active period for only Rp. 100,000

Here I will share with you how to get a Telkomsel 2019 starter pack, which of course has not been sold freely in Tekomsel starter pack shops. So to get it we have to order and buy a By Card ..u Telkomsel online through the By.U Application which you can download at Play Store.

After you download and install the Application By. U Telkomsel, run the application a welcome page window will appear to Change your Number to By.U Now! The first all-digital provider in Indonesia, free to choose numbers, quota plus toppings, everything they want.

Continue tab to switch to the next application welcome window or Skip if you go directly to the main page.

By.U card we can get without having to bother outside the house because of the by card. U can you order through the application and delivered to all regions of Indonesia through JNE shipping services.

Yuk tab, Start to start the registration process for creating an account, buy and order a GSM SIM card by Perdana. U Telkomsel.

The Prime Card package selection window appears, please choose which one you like and according to your purchasing power. If you have more money, I suggest to directly buy the Very Cheap Holiday Package which has arrived at only Rp. 100.000, - you will get a regular full quota of 50 GB with an active period of 30 days.

Screenshot Package That Makes You Close to Rp. 10,000 for 10 GB with an active period of 1 day

Screenshot Package That Makes You Close to Rp. 9,000 of 2 GB with an active period of 3 days

Screenshot Package That Makes You Close to Rp. 20,000 is 4GB with an active period of 7 days

Screenshot Package That Makes You Close to Rp. 50,000 is 10 GB with an active period of 30 days

After you make your regular quota choices, a standard credit offer will appear, which will then be included on the starter card. If you only want to buy internet quota, just ignore the Standard Credit option, tab the right arrow to continue.

The By.U Application Account creation option appears, there are 2 choices registering using a Facebook Account or registering using a Google Gmail Account. Please choose and specify one of the 2 choices. Here I prefer to use a Google Account.

Enter your email address then the next tab menu

Enter your Gmail Account password then Next Tab

The Prime Card Number Options window appears, please select the SIM By.U Contact Number combination that suits your taste than the next Tab

The SIM Card sending options window appears, if you live near the Grapari Telkomsel area, you can select the Take Sim Card Option directly at Grapari Telkomsel. If you live in an area that does not exist and or is far from Grapari Telkomsel select the SIM Card Option delivered.

Enter your full name, your mobile number to contact, your residential address, and in the Sub-district / Kelurahan / KodePos column enter your area's POS code then search tab, after the post office address options appear along with the postal code corresponding to the Sub-District and Village area, please choose according to the location where you live.

Before continuing, select the Delivery Tab and select the SIM Card Delivery Service available in the application, for example, the SIM Card delivery service option appears via JNE.

In the Payment Window, please choose the payment method that is the easiest and most affordable, for example, because in my area there is no IndoMart Outlet so I choose payment via Bank Transfer.

The Order ID and SIM Card Number window appear. U you chose before, the account number for the payment destination and the bill amount. Please pay via ATM, Mobile Banking or through Internet Banking.

After the payment is complete and successful, restart the By.U application by closing and restarting the application. If the payment is successful then the By.U application page will display a notification to immediately activate the SIM Card By.U. You can view the order process through the SIM Card Track menu.

The SIM Card Track Window will display the Order ID, Cellphone Number and Delivery Receipt and Shipping Status. Until this stage, you just have to wait until the SIM Card arrives in your hands then proceed to the activating SIM Card By step. u follow the procedure that appears in the screenshot below:

Because the SIM Card By.U Telkomsel Prime Card that I ordered is still in the process of sending, for the process of activating the Card and Reviewing the use of the By.U Card, I will discuss it in the next post. So ... for those of you who feel attracted by Kartu By ..u Telkomsel, but want to buy it after seeing the results of my review later, please look forward to posting it in the next few days.