How to Restore Samsung J6 + Plus to Factory Settings

Restore Samsung Adroid System to Factory Settings can not be carelessly to avoid the problem of Google Account FRP Locked after Soft Reset or Hard Reset through the recovery menu. special settings are needed so that later Samsung J6 + Android and other Samsung Android types can be reset perfectly without any problems with the Google Account FRP.

So that Samsung Android Especially Samsung J6 Plus after a Safe Reset System, please follow the following guidelines:

1. Activate Developer Options by tab 7 times the Android Version Number in the Software Information menu can be accessed in the About Phone settings menu.

2. The Developer Options book on Samsung J6 + appears as Developer Options

3. Enable OEM Unlock to allow devices to be unlocked OEM

4. Notification Activate Unlock OEM Lock? TABS ON

5. Then you will be redirected to the RESET DATA FACTORY page, please REMOVE ALL to confirm it..

6. The Reset Process to Factory Settings will automatically run and Samsung J6 + will restart, then the robot display will appear after that restart and boot in the Samsung logo for quite a few minutes, wait until the reset process and new device setup is complete.

7. Samsung J6 + enters in the setup mode to use a new device, please do the setup settings to follow the existing tour.

8. At the Device Name stage, please fill in the username or brand and type of Android then the NEXT tab.

9. Android Samsung J6 + Plus is ready to use with new conditions, there is only the factory default application default and all the settings and user accounts previously deleted clean.

Thus Tutorial How to Reset Samsung J6 Plus Factory Data to Factory Settings safely free from the risk of being locked FRP Google Account. Hopefully it is easy to understand and practice. do this method after you have successfully done the ByPass so that Android is in the factory settings like the New Android.