How to Scand PDF Android with the Best PDF Scan Application

Did you know that now for the purpose of scanning documents to PDF files can be via an Android smartphone and those of you who do not have the scanning equipment do not need to go out of the house to go to the document scanning service provider?

Now you can do it yourself with your android mobile. This is very good news, of course. Where anyone can meet the need for scans of PDF files quickly, practically and easily.

Many Android Camera Scand to PDF applications are now available on the Google Play Store. Starting from the free version and the paid or premium version. One camera scan application that can be your choice and is worth a try is CamScanner.

For those of you who need this application, please download CamScanner through This link. After you download it, just install the CamScanner application as usual when you install other Android Apk applications.

Run CamScanner, then select the camera icon to start the scan taking pictures and turning them into PDF files.

Take a picture of the document you want to scan in an upright position, try between the precision angles on the mobile screen so that the results of the image taken will only be the media document.

So that the results of the image look more presentable, use the Crop image feature, after the area selected by the crop feels right, tab Next menu.

Adjust the color of the image to your liking, there are many color choices that you can try to apply whichever is most appropriate so that the results of the PDF File Image look more perfect.

Until here you have successfully created a PDF file from a document using the CamScanner application. Click PDF menu to save.

click the sharing icon to share to other devices, there are several choices of sharing methods, please choose the one that you want.

Automatically in the free version a Watermark will appear, if you want to delete the watermark you must upgrade to the premium version.

To share files with friends, family or institutions where you work now can be easily through social media applications such as Email, WhatsApp, and Bluetooth.

The following details the differences between the free version with the Premium Version, you can see the details through the screenshots below:

The following are the results of Scan Photos to PDF using the CamScanner application, the results are quite good, the image resolution looks sharp with image file sizes that are not too large, only a few Kb. but as I explained above for the Geratisan version on each file a Watermark or Notification of the Scanner by CamScanner file notes will appear.

If you feel uncomfortable with the Notif Watermark above, you can switch to another Scan Android application that I recommended in a previous post.