How to Send a Text Message on a Computer Like Texting

Generally, send and receive messages outside of online social media applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, BBM and other sending and receiving messages by default using the default SMS application of the mobile phone.

It turns out that sending messages with standard pulse fees instead of internet quota can also be done using a computer. You only need the Google Message Web Application to be able to do this easily. now with the Google Message Web Application that is synchronized between the Google Google Message Application with the Google Message Web you can receive and reply to messages using a computer like a WhatsApp Desktop application user.

If you are a worker who is super busy with activities on the computer and rarely monitors social media communication activities via mobile phones. You can switch and control the communication of receiving and sending messages through the computer. by using WhatsApp and the Web Messaging Application you will more easily interact and communicate with friends, family, coworkers and other people in the rush of your work on the computer.

For those of you who want to try sending and receiving text messages on a computer with a standard (Non-Internet) credit fee the first thing you have to do is install the Google Message Application on your Android. You can get Google Message politically on the Play Store.

After you install the Google Message Android application, open your computer or laptop browser and visit the Google Web Messages page:

On the Google Message Web page a Barcode will appear, to be able to log in on the Google Message Web you must connect the Google Message Application installed on your Android by scanning the Barcode as if you were logged on WhatsApp Web.

Open and Run the Google Message Application on your Adroid

Tab 3 dots in the upper right corner, then select the Message menu for the Web

Scan QR Code tab to log in to Google Message Web

After you have successfully logged in through the Barcode scan, a notification appears. Remember this computer? The phone will still be connected to this computer, even if you close this tab. Reply Yes if you want to automatically Google Web Message Pages stay connected whenever you open them.

Now you can receive and send messages using the Google Message Web Application, all contacts that are stored and synchronized in your Google Account will be displayed. if you have been storing contacts in the phone's internal memory, you should switch to using the Google Contact application to store all contacts online. You can contact them both to send and receive messages using a computer.

For a trial, select one of the contacts to whom you want to send a test message. With Google Message Web you will be more free to write and read messages quickly when compared to sending text messages using a mobile phone. here you can play around speed writing text messages with your message opponents.

So that you can access the Google Message Web page at any time without writing the url first when opening it you can Add Url Page in the Apps area precisely under the browser adressbar or you can also create a Shorcut Widget & nbsp; on the browser's home page.

Thus Tutorial How to Send and Receive Messages on a Computer Using Google Message Web like SMS on an Android Mobile. sending and receiving messages using a computer will be more fun, comfortable, enjoyable and faster response than writing messages using the android application.