How to Use WPS Office PC Desktop and Laptop

One of the best alternative office applications that can be an option and you need to try is WPS Office. In general, many people even millions of people use office applications to choose Microsoft Office, which is currently the latest version, Microsoft Office 2016.

WPS Office, for now, may not be so familiar for Computer Desktop and laptop users, the WPS office is more widely used by Android users. I myself have only begun to switch to using WPS Office one year as a mainstay in managing documents in the form of a word, excel and PowerPoint or PPT.

WPS Office in appearance is no less interesting and perfect when compared to the latest Microsoft Office 2016 even in my opinion almost similar in appearance. Although you will find a lot of new things in WPS Office you might not find in other Office applications.

In my opinion, the WPS Office is perfect for those of you who have not been able to buy a Microsoft office license key. many people currently use Microsoft Office unofficially by activating office using a cracker or pather program so that Microsoft Office can be used without Trial mode and have to pay for licenses

It would be nice for those of you Microsoft Office users who have been using the Pather or Cracker program for activation immediately switch to WPS Office as an alternative to the obvious free. WPS Office itself provides a Premium Account for users who want to get full power features such as storing data in the WPS Office cloud online, converting PDF files to Word without limits and other premium features.

I think the free mode provided by the WPS office is more than enough, although sometimes banner ads appear in the right-hand corner of the screen for free version users. but that does not matter, yet you can still remove the advertising banner just by closing it, and will not appear repeatedly.

On this occasion I will share tutorials on how to use the WPS office application for Computer and Laptop Desktop users. For those of you who are used to and have been using WPS Office for a long time, this tutorial will have no meaning. but for new users I am very sure for the first time using WPS office will certainly feel strange and a little confused to use it.

For those of you who have not installed the WPS office application on your computer or laptop, please download the WPS Office Latest Update first via the Official Site. Download WPS Office Lates Update Now.

After you download the WPS Office master installer, run the intaler online so WPS Office can be installed completely.
After WPS Office has been successfully installed on a Computer or Laptop, WPS Office will automatically open and here is how it looks :

Or for those of you who have previously installed the WPS Office application, you can run it through Klick Start, select All Programs, then select WPS Office.

To start creating worksheets be it Word, Exel, Power Point (PPT) or PDF Click Icon Plus which is under the home icon as shown in the screenshot below :

Select the document worksheet that you want to work on, this is where the privileges and differences of WPS Office are compared to Microsoft Office. wPS Office is a multi-functional application all united like Microsoft Office which is separate from Word, Exel, and Power Point and other applications

Select Document, then select the Plus icon to create a worksheet in the form of Word

To add or open other application worksheets such as the Exel Klick Plus icon

To add or open other application worksheets such as the Presentation Click icon Plus

To add or open other application worksheets eg PDF Klick Plus icon

If you want to make a document file that has been done and saved previously click Create PDF form the file, then select the file that you want to make a PDF.

Now the selected document file has become a PDF, you can save it with the same file name or with another name with a PDF extension.

With WPS Office you can also easily convert PDF files to Word, the way on the WPS Office home page select Menu & nbsp; PDF to Word

Click or Drag PDF files that you want to convert to PDF

WPS Office also provides many Presentation / Power Point Themes or Templates that you can get online by clicking the Templates menu

Then there will be a lot of choices for Presentation Templates that you can download carefully, please choose which one you think is suitable and you like.

Besides that WPS Office also provides some geratis templates or themes to display WPS Office applications. You can change the default WPS office theme through the menu with the clothes icon as shown in the screenshot below:

Several theme options appear, choose which you like. For you premium users, of course, the choice of WPS Office display themes will be more when compared to free account users.

The result is like the following WPS Office display based on one of the trial themes I chose, it's pretty cool it looks clean and elegant.

To set the paper size and type on the Office WPS worksheet, select the Page Layout menu

Select Sub Menu Size, the Worksheet Type and Size option will appear, it looks like the choice of WPS Office type and size of the worksheet is more varied when compared to Microsoft Office.

For those of you who want to print documents in F4 or legal paper size, don't forget to set the paper size through the More Paper Sizes menu. If you do not do this, the printed document will be cut off even if the appearance of the computer or laptop looks right

By default Legal worksheet paper size is 21.5 cm x 35.5 cm, of course this size does not match the size of legal paper in Indonesia which is only 21.5 cm x 33 cm

Change the nominal Height to 33 cm

Or you can choose a paper size that matches the length and width of Indonesian legal paper in the WPS Office with the Folio option as shown in the screenshot below :

To change and make the Defaut paper size manually to your liking, in the Page Setup window after you specify the paper size manually & nbsp; Select the Default menu. for example you want to make legal paper size 21.5 cm x 33 cm the default in the WPS Office application you are using ..

Confirmation window appears, select OK

Now the default paper size or worksheet will follow the settings that you apply, whenever you create a new worksheet then the paper size of the new document will match the settings you previously applied.

To change the orientation of the worksheet display whether Potrait or Landscape select the Page Layout menu then select the Orations sub menu.

WPS Office also comes with a fast document file sharing feature, you can share files with friends or coworkers online through social media applications such as e-mail, WhatsApp, or share the URL of the document file that has been saved in the Cloud WPS Office through other social media applications.

To bring up the border or border of the Word worksheet in WPS Office, click the More Commands menu as shown in the screenshot below

Enable the outline of the worksheet by checking the Tex Boundaries in the View menu

The results are shown in the screenshot below, if you don't like it and are more comfortable with worksheets without margins you can disable by unchecking the Text Boundaries list in the view menu

That's a quick Tutorial on how to operate or use WPS Office on Windows-based Desktop and Laptop devices. Hopefully this tutorial helps make it easier for those of you who are beginners and just trying to get to know WPS Office.