List of Digital SIM Card Internet Packages by.U Telkomsel

In a previous post, I already discussed how to get or buy a Telkomsel by.U Prime Card and how to register a SIM by.U Telkomsel Card. Henceforth I will review the internet quota list specifically for card customers by ..u Telkomsel can be seen and purchased only through the Android application by.U.

The following is a list of Unlimited by.U Telkomsel Internet Packages that may be your consideration for switching to using the by.U Telkomsel card which is the first GSM Digital SIM card in Indonesia from Telkomsel.

Package That Makes Missing with a quota of 1 GB validity period of 1 Day. The price is quite cheap when compared to the price of the Simpati and US Card internet packages that don't get promos or old card users whose package prices are also quite cheap.

Packages That Make You Comfortable with a quota of 2 GB validity period of 3 Days. Reasonably priced when compared to Pre Telkomsel card internet package prices Pay for its predecessor Simpati and the US Card and the Postpaid Halo Card.

The Package That Makes You Close & nbsp; with a quota of 10 GB, valid for 1 Day. Very cheap, even though the active period is only one day. It seems like there is no daily package of 10 GB as cheap as this, either Telkomsel or Other Operators are suitable for you, gaming enthusiast, download, and YouTuber.

Package That Makes It Stick & nbsp; with a quota of 3 GB validity period of 14 days. Enough & nbsp; cheap and affordable price for you Social Media users who are not too active with a package of 3 GB of 14 days active period I think is more than enough.

Packages That Make Nagih & nbsp; with a quota of 10 GB valid for 30 Days. Friendly enough, the price is enough for your daily inter-user with quite dense social media activities. the price of this package is competitive with the price of the IM3 package with the same amount of quota and is turned off Telkomsel is superior in network and internet access speed.

That's the price list of the Telkomsel Internet & nbsp; Card Package that you can buy just by using the by.U App on your favorite android. Payment for telephone or internet package purchases can be via the LinkAja, OVO, GOPAY, Virtual Account, Credit Card and IndoMart Applications. henceforth I will review the list of Topping Packages aka Phone packages and Special Internet Packages for use on your Social Media Application of Choice.

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