Redmi 4A Locked Screen PIN This Is How To Overcome It

Redmi 4A Lock Screen PINr. To overcome the problem of Forgetting the PIN Screen on Android phones of the Xiaomi brand type Redmi 4A is very easy by using the RBSoft Mobile Tools application and the Emmc firehose 8917 file belonging to Redmi 4A.

Redmi 4A Locked Screen PIN This Is How To Overcome It

The following are the steps to resolve the Redmi 4A problem that is locked on the screen PIN and the owner does not remember at all with the screen PIN that was created previously.

1. Turn off Redmi 4A then open the Case and the back of the machine's PCB cover.

2. Connect Redmi 4A with a computer using a USB cable with the Test Point method so that Redmi 4A is connected in Qualcomm mode. how to connect 2 test points under the LCD screen connector using tweezers then plug the USB Data Cable connector.

If the procedure is correct, then Redmi 4A will enter Qualcomm EDL mode, can be seen in the Device Manager Appears Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 Port. But if it fails Redmi will turn on and enter charging mode. unplug the USB cable and repeat the above method until it works, make sure the computer has also installed the Qualcomm driver.

3. Run the RB Soft Mobile Tool Application, load Redmi 4A's firehose emmc file through the Manual Loader menu and then click User Data

5. Wait until the emmc firehose file injection process is complete, and at the bottom of the Windows log the Rebooting Device notification appears.

6. Redmi 4A will restart by itself and enter the MI logo boot. This process is running for a long time as if Redmi 4A experienced bootloop. Just leave it unnecessary to panic, everything will be fine.

7. After the Android bar appears and the points are running, wait until the setup process for using the new device is complete.

8. Set up the new device setup after doing Userdata Format
9. Redmi 4A can enter the application window normally and congratulations Redmi 4A is no longer locked. The screen PIN is ready to be used again.

Thus the Easy Way Tutorial to overcome the problem of forgetting the screen PIN on Android Redmi 4A. If you need the files and tools above, please contact me through the Contact Us menu or leave a message in the comments column. help Support Blogs Share Online Tutorials by liking FansPage, Subscribe, and share post content to social media.