Tutorial guide on How to ByPass FRP Samsung A2 Core

Bypass Frp Samsung A2 Core. One of the problems resulting from doing a hard reset because of forgetting the pattern or screen pin Android Samsung that is often experienced by Samsung Android users is locked FRP Google Account. Because after hard reset is done via the Recovery menu with a key combination, Samsung's Android System will automatically detect an unauthorized trial to reset the device to factory default settings and in the end, to be able to use Samsung Android you must enter an email address that was previously synchronized to ensure that the reset action is not illegal.

On this occasion, I will share experiences on how to deal with Android Samsung A2 Core which is a locked FRP Google Account as a result of doing the hard reset as I explained above.

After doing a reset when setting up the preparation for using the new Samsung A2 Core device can only arrive at the stage after checking and synchronizing Google Accounts. The Pattern Verification page appears. if you remember the pattern that was used last this problem can be skipped but if you don't remember then there is a second choice which is to use a google account.

But if you find that you have forgotten the synchronized Google Account email address or password there is no other way than to bypass the Google Account FRP using FRP Tools.

The following are the steps that you must do to resolve the Samsung A2 Core Locked FRP Google Account problem:

1. Run the Samsung FRP TOOL

2. When alive connect Samsung A2 Core with a computer/laptop

3. Click Scan on the Samsung FRP Tool, then select the lowest COM Port and then click Open then click the Call then the call will automatically appear on the Samsung A2 Core screen

4. Close the call, then Select Options Add Contact Number

5. Select the SHARE menu in the upper-right corner of the screen, select Google Go

6. Select Use Without a Google Account, Tab Done in the Google Go Browser view. Now you can browse Google to download the FRP ByPass Tool Application

7. Use the Keyword Berbagi Tutorial then after the Blog Sharing Tutorial Online is displayed in Google search results, open the Blog Sharing Tutorial Online.

8. Menu tab in the upper left corner which is represented by 3 vertical lines to the bottom, Choose Tutorial, Then Select Sub Menu Bypass FRP Tool.

9. Download Bypass FRP Android.Apk for Android version 7 and above then Install. After completing the installation, don't open it, just select Done.

10. Return to the ByPass FRP Tool page, download the Quickcut then Install.

11. Buka Aplikasi Quick Shorcut kemudian gunakan keyword "Google" untuk menemukan Opsi Pengelola Akun Google.

12. Select Google Account Manager Options Type Email and Password then Tab Try.

13. Open the Retype Password page, select 3 Dots in the right corner, then select Enter Browser.

14. Log in with your Google Account, enter the email address for the bypass tab Next, then enter the password then the Login tab.

15. After successfully logging in and returning to the Quick Shortcut Application window, restart Samsung A2 Core
16. The process of adding a Google Account to bypass locked Google's FRP Account is complete and successful.

17. Do Stages New device setup as usual

18. To clean up the previous account that has been synchronized with the new google account added as an alternative to the bypass you have to reset the Samsung A2 Core to factory settings.

19. Locate the settings menu, select the System menu then Select About Phone

20tab 7 Times Version Number to activate Developer Options

21. After successfully activating Developer Options, the back button tab then accesses the Developer Options menu.

22Open the OEM Lock, a confirmation window pops up select ON, then select REMOVE ALL then the Samsung A2 Core will start resetting to factory settings.

23. Wait until the Reset process is complete and Samsung A2 Core returns to the process of preparing to use a new Device.

24. Arrange to weed new devices to follow the existing tour, select the skip option if available to make the setup process faster.

25The Samsung A2 Core is full again like new factory settings without additional applications and ready to be used again as it should.

Thus the tutorial of how to easily solve the problem of Google FRP Locked Account on Android Samsung A2 Core with the help of Samsung A2 Core FRP Tool. Hopefully, the above tutorial is easy to understand and practice, don't forget to like Fans Page, Subscribe, and share as a form of your support.