Tutorial How to Block Desktop Screen Ads with 360 AD Blocker

One of the Free antivirus features for users of the Freee Account base but feels premium is 360 Total Internet Seucity. I have been using Antivirus 360 Total Internet Seucity for 3 years now. as long as the usage that I feel Antivirus 360 Total Internet Seucity is really reliable..

In addition to functioning to maintain the security of data and windows systems, Antivirus 360 Total Internet Seucity also has features that are no less interesting namely desktop screen capture features and Ad Blocker features that can be used to block Notification Ads that appear on desktop screens due to the installation of ad notification and ad extension from other applications such as WPS Office ads for Free Account users.

For example, Chinese-language advertisements that have often appeared on my computer's desktop screen for several days, out of nowhere they suddenly appear when the computer is connected to the internet. most likely the source of desktop ads came from the default Driver Pack China application that I used when reinstalling the driver

To overcome this so as not to reappear I use the 360 AD Blocker feature. The way is very easy, I just take a capture or screenshot of the ad display area, then automatically the AD Blocker Anti Virus 360 Total Internet Security feature will detect it and the Block menu appears.

When I click the Block menu, a monitoring information window page pops up listing the Ad source applications that were successfully blocked by 360 AD Blocker.

To block the ad banners that appear on other desktop screens, simply click on the Arm AD menu, then move the cursor to the banner ad area and click. The application that automatically displays advertisements on the desktop will enter the Monoring AD Blocker list.

Here in total there are already 3 applications that have raised ads on the desktop that I managed to block, it's easy to find that with the help of 360 AD Blocker all desktop ads that appear can be blocked easily. You can even block applications that are installed on your computer or laptop so they can't run. The trick is the same as the way to block ad banners, just point the Arm AD cursor to the windows application that you want to block.

There are many Tool Box features available in 360 Total Security for both Free and Premium Account users. You can check the Tool Box menu, really great in my opinion the features offered by Anti Virus 360 Total Security are numerous and very useful.

How do you feel interested in trying to switch to using Anti Virus 360 Total Security.?

If you feel you want to try it just download via the following link: Download 360 Total Security For Free Now

Thus the Tutorial how to easily block ads that suddenly appear on desktop screens of computers and laptops that interfere with the view without knowing the origin of the installation of AD Notification Desktop using 360 AD Blocker features 360 built-in antivirus 360 Total Security.

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