Tutorial How to Surf Online Travel Free Without Ads

Surfing activities, Visiting, Online Trips in the Virtual World such as visiting Mass Media Websites (News Sites), Download Websites, Tutorial Websites, Educational Websites, and so on are usually inevitable when you meet advertisements. there are websites with reasonable advertising banners and there are websites with excessive advertising banners. usually, websites with many banner ads advertising language is a website or news site as it is already familiar to the internet public, TribunNews.

You as a connoisseur of cyberspace content in the form of news information, tutorials, and so on will certainly feel uncomfortable when you visit a website content page it turns out there are a lot of banner ads installed and even tends to interfere with comfort when going enjoy the contents of the content presented.as I alluded to above, for example, Tribun News with information pages/news content that is full of advertisements on both the left and top right. especially the one that is very disturbing is that a fairly large banner size ad appears from the top area when we want to read the entire contents of the newsstands, the ad appears and you will automatically be taken to the opening page of the container opening. that is just one example of a website with an unnatural installation, in fact, there are many others that may not be mentioned one by one in this post.

On this occasion, I will share tutorials on how to visit any website that becomes a publisher of advertisements, especially Google AdSense and other advertisements with the website pages that you visit free of advertisements. So advertisements that are installed in the pages of the website that you visit will not be displayed at all so you can focus on enjoying the contents or content of a website without even a single item banner ads that appear are using the best android browser super fast, super lightweight and without ads, the Kiwi browser.

Kiwi Browser you can get free through Play Store. For those of you who want to try it, I recommend downloading the browser application only through the Play Store. the reason is that your Android is safe and protected from viruses or malware that usually infiltrate unauthorized applications, not registered in the Play Store, or not downloaded through the Play Store. whatever android application is always trying to download through the Play Store to be safe because all the applications in the Play Store have been through checking by the Google Team and certainly safe to be installed and used by Android users.

As a trial here I will visit news sites that usually or generally advertise in lots of aliases using the Chrome browser.

The result is a lot of advertisements that appear, and very disturbing and make you feel uncomfortable when you want to read the entire contents or news content published, especially ads that appear from above as shown in the screenshot above and the ads that appear on & nbsp; the middle of the content as shown in the screenshot below

Now I am trying to switch to opening the same news page using the Kiwi Browser by previously copying the news page URL from chrome and pasting and opening it in the Kiwi Browser.

The results are very satisfying, none of the ad banners that interfere with the comfort of reading and enjoying the content that appears, clean without any ads.

To activate the kiwi browser ad-free feature, open the three dots in the upper right corner then search for the Hide Annoying Ads menu, activate the menu by providing a checklist.

I also tried opening the Tribun News site by previously activating the Hide Annoying Ads feature on the Kiwi Browser. The results are very satisfying, news content pages are faster and are free of advertisements. none of the ad banners that appear, reading news content can be more focused and comfortable. 

When you open a website and it turns out that the content page is populated with lots of annoying advertisements you can switch to Kiwi Browser very easily with a three-point tab in the right corner of the Chrome browser, for example, select Open in Kiwi Browser as shown in the screenshot below:

How do you feel interested in trying to use and run to the Kiwi Browser?

Get fun benefits by using Kiwi Browser, Surfing Tours. Visiting any website can now be free of advertisements.

Unfortunately, Kiwi Browser is not currently available for Windows and Computer users. .if you still want to use the Kiwi Browser using a Computer or Laptop you must use the help of Android Emulators such as Bluestack, Nox Player, Koplayer, and other Android emulators. I have tried Kiwi Browser for PC which is provided outside the official Kiwi website and the result is that the browser is very dangerous because it contains a virus.

Catatan Penting: 
Use Kiwi Browser wisely by only using it to access sites that have excessive banner ads, or to access download sites with shorter links such as the Safe Link download link, which makes it difficult for users to get what is shared.

Use the Chrome browser and other browsers that don't block the entire ad to visit the website with reasonable advertisements and don't interfere when accessing content. because you need to know that they share what you need in a strict manner without expecting you to give rewards that are worth it or commensurate with the benefits you get.

Click on advertisements from visitors whose dime might be only a few hundred rupiahs or thousands that is the reward for what they share with you. respect those who have struggled to manage the website to share the benefits with you because managing the website is not easy and requires material sacrifice.