ByPass Mi Account Redmi 5A with MRT Dongle Key

Doing ByPass Mi Account or Mi Cloud for Android Xiaomi Brand mobile phones is something that is commonly done. But this time it was a little different and was new to me. Where the Tools that I use for BypAss Mi Cloud are not the tools I usually use.

For the first time I tried to bypass Mi Cloud Redmi 5A using the MRT Dongle Key, which I recently bought. The following are the steps for ByPass Mi Account Redmi 5A using the MRT Dongle.

The first one is to connect Redmi 5A to the computer in test point mode. If you don't understand what a test point is and how to do a Google search, there are lots of Bloggers and even YouTubers who have discussed it.

Open the MRT Dongle, and make sure the Redmi 5A is connected in Qualcomm mode. You can see it through the Device Manager. After that, please follow the procedure in accordance with the numbering that I gave in the screenshot below:

Wait a while until the Mi Cloud ByPass process is complete and successfully marked with the appearance of text notifications in the MRT Dongle Log "All is Done!!!".

Until here the Mi Account Redmi 5A bypass process successfully uses the MRT Dongle. Very easy and very fast process, but unfortunately it turns out ByPass Mi Account using the MRT Dongle the results are not permanent.

Proven after I tried to connect to the Internet Network, Redmi 5A which has been bypassed again locked Mi Account. To overcome this, I need a special ByPass Mi Account application that I used to use, namely WODM TOOL.

Before using WODM TOOL to bypass Mi Account on Xiaomi Android, we must first enable OEM Unlock and USB Debugging via Developer Options. so after completing the bypass using the MRT Dongle, don't connect your Xiaomi Android to the Internet Network, and don't install the SIM Card before it is bypassed in the way that I will explain.

To activate Developer options you have to access the Device Info menu (About Phone), look for MIUI Version Options then Tab 7 times in a row. after completing and successfully activating developer Options, return to the settings settings menu then find Additional Settings and find Developer Options.

Activate Open OEM KEY and USB Debugging, then connect your Xiaomi Android to the computer. Return to the WODM TOOL Application, Klick Unlock Mi Account. The Allow USB Debug window will appear, Confirm OK.

WODM TOOL will automatically work to continue the ByPass MI Cloud command, wait for the process a few moments. All Done By WODM TOOL notifications will appear ...! which means the Mi Account bypass process was successful and Redmi 5A will restart by itself.

In this way ByPass Mi Cloud or Mi Account becomes semi permanent. Why do I say Semi Permanent? .because when Redmi 5A will be flashed again or reset automatically it will be locked again by Mi Acccount. & nbsp; The only way to delete a Mi Account is to log in using a User and Password that has never been synchronized then exit and remove the Mi Account via the menuAfter Mi Account.bypass is just an attempt to bypass and temporarily disable the Auto Lock Mi Account feature instead of deleting the Mi Account from the device or the device itself.