Easy and Fast way of ByPass FRP Vivo Y69 with MRT Key

This tutorial is a continuation of the discussion 2 Tutorial How to Easily and Quickly ByPass Pattern or Screen PIN Vivo 1714 Y69 using MRT Key Dongle and SPFlashTools. As usual when Android is reset by force either through Recovery with a key combination or using a Windows software program it will be locked FRP Google Account.

Unless the owner or user has never used a Google Account on his Android. But things happen very rarely, on average every Android user is certain to need, have and use a Google Account on his Android Mobile.

As shown in the photo below, it is clear at the end of the process of setting up the use of a new device after a reset or flash on the Y69 vivo notification appears. To use this phone, you must first log into the Google Account Owner that was used on this phone at the last timetimes reset.because you haven't done it, you have to wipe the cellphone again Click on PREPARE MOBILE

To overcome the Android Vivo Y69 which is updated by Google Account FRP, the easiest way to implement it is bypassing it using the help of the Key Dongle MRT Application. Run the MRT Key Dongle Application then follow the numbering based procedure in the screenshot below

After you press the Star button and the FRP bypass Application button runs, connect your Vivo Y69 using the USB cable together by pressing the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously. when the MRT Key detects and reads the device marked by the appearance of log text running in the MRT Key window, release the presses of both buttons and wait for the process to finish

After the FRP ByPass process is complete the Compressing Operation Completed notification will appear !!! The previously synced Google Account was successfully deleted from the Vivi Y69 device.

Unplug the USB cable and try turning on the Vivo Y69. Android Vivi Y69 will turn on normally and enter setup mode for new user devices.

Do the Setup Settings for Use of a New Device to follow the tour and the existing instructions. Select Options Skip certain point settings if available. So that the process of setting up the device setup is faster.

The result is Android Vivo 1714 Y69 which was previously locked by a Google Account and unable to complete the settings for setting up the use of a new device that has returned to normal can be fully accessed and reused as it should.

Thus the Tutorial Guide How to Easily and Quickly Bypass FRP Vivo Y69 which is locked Pattern or Screen PIN using MRT Key Dongle. Hopefully this tutorial is easy to understand and practice. Good luck and good luck without any obstacles.