Easy way to withdraw OVO Balance to Bank Account

One method of withdrawing OVO Cash Balance is by transferring OVo Cash Funds to a Bank Account and then withdrawing the funds through the Bank directly or through an ATM. On this occasion I will share experiences on how to withdraw OVO Cash Balance.

The following is a tutorial guide on how to easily withdraw OVO Cash Balance into a Bank Account:

Open the OVO Application then select the Transfer menu

Select Options To Bank Account

Select the destination bank, enter your account number and transfer nominal then click CONTINUE

At a later stage information on the name of the account holder will appear along with the account number. When confirming your transfer you will be asked to enter your OVO Application PIN, enter your PIN to confirm the OVO Cash balance transfer action to the Bank Account.

Completed, a notification will appear Successful Transfer. Here, for example, I transfer my OVO Cash balance of Rp. 550,000. Transfers to the Bank are subject to an Administration fee of 2,500.

Thus the Tutorial Guide for Young Ways Withdraw OVO Cash Balance by transferring to a Bank Account. Hopefully it is useful and can be a reference for those of you who for the first time want to try to withdraw OVO balances to a Bank Account.