Tips on Choosing the Right Instagram Influencer For Business

If we listen to the discussion forum of the social media business that discusses Instagram influencers, it is not uncommon for us to meet this question, "How come it already endorses here and there but it doesn't have any effect anyway?" or "Influencers that I've chosen have a lot of followers, how come the impact on my account is very limited?" It is not uncommon if social media endorse is one of the current favorite marketing plans..

Many people believe that influenza can indeed be one of the most effective promotional strategies. But when choosing who influencers are approximately suitable for our business, it is very important to know what aspects must be taken into account. If you choose wrong instead of profit, you will get a profit. ⁣

Budget or budget is an important parameter. Especially if someone we target has their tariffs arguably high enough, first make sure whether the costs fall within our allocation range. But besides budget what are the things we need to consider? The following 5 tips for having a fixed influencer IG version. ⁣

1. Choose influencers according to your niche market⁣

For those who don't know what nice is, simply put Nice is a group or general category of business that we choose. For example food, tour and travel services, graphic design, marketing adviser.

For example, our business is a marketing service like, so the influencers that we list are people who are close to the world of marketing or business. Another example, if our business is culinary, it is strongly recommended that the account that we list can be cheff, foodvlogger or indeed public figures who like to eat alone.

It is to maintain and facilitate our target audience to receive the message of what we want to convey in the promotion through the influencer. ⁣

2. Pay attention to his followers⁣

Many consider that the number of followers is the main parameter to choose endorse place. But many forget whether the original followers? Don't arrive mostly fake! You have to see if your followers are active or not.

Buying and selling the followers system has made many accounts that can be "juggled" has tens of times the number of followers. It also answers many questions, why are there many IG followers but the effect on traffic is so small.

3. Pay attention to the engagement⁣

What is an easy way to analyze the engine? Please try to check the comments, many are using bots or not. Characteristics of a bot account are usually comments using only emoticons or 1, 2 words only.

This is still related to number 2 earlier about fake followers. The effect is less clear, the traffic to the account or link that we target will also be quiet.

4. Note the posting time on Instagram feeds

This factor can be a matter of our business competitors or our products. Are there similar competitors in the influencers' Instagram feed before you.

Not infrequently because the influencer is very close to the nice association we are targeting, so many similar products also use their services for promotion. If there really is a competitor first how.

I suggest looking for other influencers. The simple thing is if in one account there are two or more similar products, not the effect of traffic that we can get instead of the possibility of comparing the target audience between our brands and other brands. Yes, if it is definitely a good guarantee, we have nothing.

5. Don't force the famous ones⁣

This will actually be very related to what was discussed earlier at the budget. For information on IG social media promotion, many people are familiar with the influences of Influencers, there are macros and micro ones

Simply put, the macro influencer which can indeed be called a public figure or the usual parameters already has its own time or fans. Whereas influencer micro are people who really make IG accounts interesting so people want to follow him the most fundamental thing is if your budget is still thin try the micro first.

Keep in mind that marketing promotion strategies must be sustainable. This means just assuming the microprogram was a trial before entering the larger promotion category. Soo, what number tips have you done so far? Any other additional tips? please share in the comments column.