Tips on Sending WhatsApp Original Hight Resolution Photos

In order to send photos or images with original size and resolution quality through one of the popular Social Media Applications and almost all Android users use them, WhatsApp must use special techniques or methods. not follow the process of sending photos or images available on WhatsApp.

If we send photos and follow the features of sending photos or images in the WhatsApp application, the image size and resolution of images that we send will automatically be reduced not the same as the size of the photo and the original image resolution.

This is the reason why photos or images sent via WhatsApp using public methods practiced generally appear to be of diminished quality. What used to be clear and sharp became a little blurry and what used to be a bit blurred made the picture or photos look more blurry because WhatsApp system automatically compresses all images sent through its server so that the resolution and image size received are reduced

Guide How to Send Photos Via WhatsApp with Size and Resolution Like the Original File.

In this post, I will share a tutorial on how to send photos via WhatsApp so that the images sent and received by the recipient by size and resolution are not reduced or exactly the same as the original file size and resolution. here I will exemplify and at the same time require two ways to send photos via WhatsApp with the results of sending different photos viewed from the size and resolution of the image.

First I Practice How to Send Photos on WhatsApp which is generally implemented by WhatsApp Lay users. As a result the size and resolution of the shipment's photos will be reduced.

1. Open the WhatsApp Application, select Contact target recipients of photos

2. Select Camera Icon Options to select and load Photos to send

3. Select the Photo to Send and Click the Send Photo Button to send it

4. Photo sending via WhatsApp is successful, in the Recipient Message Window a Preview Image of the shipment will appear, and will appear more clearly if the confirmed photo has been received and downloaded

Second Method practice, which is a Recommendation for those of you who want to send Photos via WhatsApp while maintaining image quality in terms of Size and Resolution.

1. Open the WhatsApp Application, select the target recipient's contact photo

2. Select Attachment Icon Options, then several Attachment delivery options will appear based on what you want to send

3. Select Document Options, even though the one we sent is not a document in the form of Ms. file. Word, Exel. PDF, and Rar or Zip files but Photos

4. Search and find where your location saves the photos to be sent

5. A delivery confirmation window appears, click Send

6. Sending Photos in Document mode is successful. But the difference is if the photo is sent in attachment mode the preview photo of the shipment is not displayed in the WhatsApp Application.

Penerima kiriman foto harus mendownload terlebih dahulu dan melihatnya melalui Galeri.

Now we see and prove the difference between the two methods of sending photos in the WhatsApp application above. It is clear that photos sent using Photo Options have decreased in size and resolution, of course. where the original file size is 269Kb, after sending and receiving the size changes to 77 Kb. Which means that the image has compressed decreases in size and resolution, it is certain that the display quality of the shipment will be reduce

While photos sent using the Second method via the Document Attachment Option, even though the Image Preview is not displayed. In terms of size and resolution, it can be ensured that it is maintained exactly as the original fil

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Similarly, Tips on How to Send Photos or Images using the WhatsApp Application with the size or size and resolution of the image that is maintained according to and the same as the original file in terms of quality and size, so that photos or images certainly do not experience a decrease in quality the slightest display. the quality of images or photos sent from WhatsApp remains as clear and high resolution as the original file.

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