Tutorial How to Make Master Bootable Sagei Flashdisk

There are many Windows Repair Tool programs that can be used to help computer and laptop technicians in computer and laptop service work, especially for software repairs such as DLC, BartPE, Hirent Boot CD, ITPS Resque Hybrid and the one that I just met, Sargei. I accidentally got info about this program in the Computer and Laptop Techies Group on Facebook..

Because I was curious about the features in Sargei, I also tried to download and make a Master Sargei Bootable Flasdisk Repair Windows Tools to taste Sargei and the following looks:

The following are the steps to create a Master Sargei Bootable Flasdisk Repair Windows Tool using Rufus and CMD Windows. First download the ISO Sargei Master directly on the official website Sergeistrelec. Please choose which method is the most easily applied and suits your needs:

First to create a Master Bootable Sargei Flashdisk using the Rufus Application. With Rufus you can create a bootable flasdisk master for the MBR type BIOS format and the GPT UEFI format.

In this practice I will give an example of making a UEFI Master Bootable Flasdisk that can be used to help repair the latest laptops that currently have a GPT type HDD format. Run Rufus then follow the steps in the order of the numbers in the screenshot below:

Point number 5 is to load the ISO file Sargei, after all the settings are felt steady Click the Start Button to start the process of making the Master Sargei Bootable Flashdisk. A confirmation window appears, click OK

Wait for the process of formatting and copying the file system Sargei to finish, takes approximately 17 minutes, but the bus also depends on the specs of your computer or laptop.

Master Sargei Bootable Flasdisk creation is complete and successful, please test the results with your computer or laptop settings booting using the Master Sargei Botable Flashdisk that you just created.

Secondly, make a Master Sargei Bootable Flashdisk using Windows CMD. This method is a bit more complicated but the results have their own Plus values, where the Flashdisk can be used for Bootable Systems by simply copying and pasting the file system from an ISO file.

For example you want to change the Bootable Flashdisk from the Sargei system to the Windows Installer system, you just need to delete all Sargei file systems then recharge the Bootable Flashdisk using the Windows Installer file system.

Run Windows CMD by pressing the WINDOWS + R button, type the command diskpart then Click OK or press the Enter key.

  1. Type Disk List then press Enter
  2. Type Select Disk X (replace the letter x with the serial number of the flash, make sure not to choose the wrong hard drive, risk the HDD data can be lost because it is formatted notice the format) press Enter
  3. Type Clean press Enter
  4. Type Actice press Enter
  5. Type Format fs=fat32 label=Sargei Quick press Enter
  6. Done, Extract or copy and paste the ISO Sargei file system to Flasdisk
It's time to do a Test, Plug the Sargei Bootable Flasdisk into a Laptop or Computer, enter BIOS, Boot Drive Priority settings to Flashdisk, and save Bios settings. then the Computer or Laptop will Boot the system using the System Sargei Bootable Flasdisk as shown in the screenshot below:

More or less the results as shown in the following picture, we can access computers and laptops with the Sargei system and can perform actions that are needed for service purposes such as data backup before reinstalling.

Sargei Backup And Restore menu display, there are many application programs that can be used for activities / needs of Restore and Backup User data.

Sargei Hard Disk Menu view, there are many application programs that can be used for activities / hard drive Format and Partitioning needs.

Diagonitis Sargei Menu display, there are many application programs that can be used for activities / needs of Hardrive User health checks.

Sargei Data Recovery Menu display, there are many application programs that can be used for activities / data recovery needs of User hard disks that are formatted or repartitioned.

Sargei Formating Menu display, there are 2 application programs that can be used for activities/needs Formatting Hard drive.

Display Menu Utilities Sargei, there are many application programs that are very useful in the process of repairing computers and laptops.

Sargei Password Resetting Menu display, there are many application programs that are very useful for Windows Paword bypass.

How do you feel interested in trying to use Sargei? If you have already used it, please share your experience through comments. or maybe you have a more powerful Sargei-like Program Recommendation, please include a variety of useful information.