Tutorial How to Overcome Forgotten Screen PIN Pattern Lenovo A319

To overcome the problem of Forgotten Patterns or Screen PINs on Android Lenovo especially Lenovo A319 it's very easy. Similarly, overcoming the Forgotten Pattern or Screen PIN problem on the Advan Android brand. unlike how to overcome the latest Forgotten Patterns on Android Samsung, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi today.

By utilizing the Reset UserData feature through Recovery the problem of Forgot Pattern or Screen PIN on Android Lenovo A319 can be easily overcome. Actually this tutorial was originally not the result of documentation on how to resolve the Forgot Lenovo A319 Screen Pattern or PIN. but it is a HardReset experiment that I did to overcome the Lenovo Android that is locked with Password Protection Privacy.

The result turned out to be the issue of Privacy Protection Password to Unlock on Lenovo A319 can not be solved using this method. For more details, if you want to know the discussion, please read my post titled: Tutorial How to Overcome Privacy Protection for Lenovo A319 Password.

Tutorial guide on how to hard reset Lenovo A319

Reset Android via Recovery to restore Android to the Factory Settings or better known as Hard Reset can be used to overcome the problem of Forgotten Patterns or PINs on several brands of Android, especially for older Android outputs such as Lenovo A319. The following steps are Lenovo A319 Android HardReset:

Android Lenovo A319 in the Power Off state, Press the Volume UP and Power Buttons simultaneously until 3 options appear as shown in the photo below:

Select Recovery Mode, to confirm the command use the Volume Down Button, slightly different from the confirmation command on the recovery of other brands of Android where the confirmation button is the Power button.

After the Recovery Window opens, do Wipe Data Factory Reset and Wipe Cache Partition. When finished, confirm the Roboot Device command using the Power Button.

Until here the Lenovo A319 HardReset process is complete and successful. All user settings that are applied such as Pattern and PIN The previous screen and the files and applications that are in the internal memory will be erased and Android will return to the factory settings.

Except Password Protection Password Codes or PINs that cannot be deleted via Hard Reset or Flash Reset.

Do Setup settings to use a new device after hardreset following existing procedures, select Options skip at certain points if available so that the setup process is faster.

Thus the Tutorial Guide on How to Overcome Forgotten Patterns or Screen Pins of Lenovo A319 Android by HardReset Wipe Data Factory Reset and Wipe Cache Partition. Thank you for visiting, don't forget to like FansPage or Subscribe Channel to Share Online Tutorials.