A guide on how to easily print GTK info through Dapodikdasmen

How to Print GTK Info . GTK Info is an information service from the Education Office for PTK or teachers with teaching status, both PNS and Non-PNS Teachers. Contains personal data, employee data and the active status of teachers in schools.

Generally, GTK Info is used as one of the required documents to get allowances, both functional allowances and certification for PNS and Non-PNS Teachers. Only teachers who are registered and have an account at the Dapodikdasmen can get goals from the government.

Printing GTK info is not as easy as before, which can be accessed directly individually via the info.gtk.kemdendikbud.go.id website. Where GTK info can be easily seen and obtained and printed using only the NUPTK number and date of birth. can also through the SIM GPO account of each PTK. However, this method is currently very difficult to use and even tends to no longer be used.

Currently the easiest way to print GTK Info is through the Dapodikdasmen Website. But unfortunately not all individual teachers can print GTK info through the website themselves. because they are required to log in using a school account which is usually held by the operator and not given permission to access arbitrarily, only certain people are allowed to hold a Dapodik School account which in this case is none other than the School Operator and Principal.

How to Print GTK Info on Dapodikdasmen Online

The following is a guide on how to easily print GTK info through the Dapodikdasmen website:

Open the website page Dapodikdasmen

On the home page of the Dapodikdasmen website, select the login menu, then select the School Management sub menu.

Will open a new Brower Tab Window which redirects you to the Dapodikdasmen School Data Management Login page. Enter your school's Dapodikdasmen Email Address and Password, then click the menu MANAGE SCHOOL DATA

After a successful login, a school account information window will be displayed at Dapodikdasmen, Click Menu MANAGE BASIC DATA

On the Account Dashboard page Dapodikdasmen PRINCIPLES SCHOOL DATA Select Menu Tab TEACHERS AND TENDIK

Then a List of PTK Information that has been registered with Dapodikdasmen will be displayed.

Select and mark the row how many PTK you want to retrieve the GTK Info data, slide the scrollbar to the right, then there will be a PTK Detail Settings menu.

On the PTK Detailed Information Pages Window, Scroll down and find the GTK INFO menu.

Click the GTK INFO Menu to get the GTK Info Document, a new Browser Tab will automatically open that displays the selected GTK Info Document,

Press the CTRL + P button to print the GTK Info, then select the printer that will be used to print GTK Info with the active printer that is connected to your computer or laptop.

If you want to get a GTK Info file in the form of a PDF file, change the printer options to Save As PDF . Automatically the print menu button will change to the SAVE option.

Click save to get the GTK Info file, when the SAVE dialog appears, please add the name PTK at the end of the default file name with the name of each PTK.

Such is the Tutorial Guide on How to Print GTK Info through the Dapodikdasmen Website. Hopefully it is easy to understand and practice for those of you who need this tutorial. Thank you for visiting and don't forget to share the Online Tutorial by How to Like Fanspage, Subscribe and Share.