Easy way of ByPass Pattern and Vivo Y12 PIN with Miracle Thunder

For the 3rd time this month I got the latest Job ByPass Pattern or Vivo Y12 Screen PIN at this time. But unlike before where the handling is very easy enough to use the MRT Key Pattern or PIN and FRP problems can be easily overcome. you can read the previous article: How to ByPass Pattern, Screen PIN and FRP Vivo Y12 with KeyAndroid MRT

This time it's a bit difficult and confusing, several times the Vivo Y12 Pattern bypass attempt was unsuccessful alias failed. I have tried MRT Key Version 3.57 for the latest updates at this time, MRT Key Version 3.19 and MRT Key Jadul Version 2.60 still the results failed Reading Mobile GPT data ... Fail. whereas before it was very easy to use the MRT Key, it didn't take 5 minutes for the Vivo Y12 to be locked.

Because using the MRT Key didn't work, I tried using another Android Repair Tool, the Miracle Thunder version 2.82 Cracked version. I tried the Read Pattern method with the aim that if successful user data is not erased. but again several times I tried to no avail always the notification The Boot does not support the Phone or CPU Bad. Select other Boot.

Several times I tried to use the MRT Key again, in the hope that it would be as successful as before. But still, the ByPass Pattern process failed and finally based on the advice of my fellow technicians, the Engineer Group Technician I tried to use Miracle Thunder with Format Options. Please Download Miracle Thunder V. 2.82 Full Version for Free. For the settings in Miracle Thunder as shown in the screenshot below:

After you set the settings following the screenshots example above, click Start Button, then connect the Android Vivo Y12 with the computer uses the USB Cable in the Power Off condition without pressing any keys. so just plug in the usb and wait for Miracle Thunder to detect the Vivo Y12 Device to then process the User Data Format.

Being Factory Reset Notification appears ... Done, meaning that the Vivo Y12 Pattern ByPass process by formatting using Miracle Thunder is complete and successful. Turn on the Vivo Y12, then you will be welcomed to say welcome to setup the use of a new device after reset.

After you have finished setting the use of the new Vivo Y12 device without connecting Vivo Y12 with an internet network, then you will be faced with the Vivo Y12 problem locked with FRP Google Account.

When you press the Use Now button, you will be greeted by a notification window to use this phone, you must first log into the owner's Google Account that was used on this phone when it was last reset.

Just click the PREPARE PHONE option, then Vivo Y12 will return to the start page of the device setup, re-do the settings up to the stage of connecting Vivo Y12 with a Wifi network or can also use Data from the SIM Card.

After Vivo Y12 is connected to the internet network, click Continue Settings. The Enter Password Password Screen Window window will appear and the Verify Your Google Account window will appear.

Return to the stage of connecting the Vivo Y12 Device with an Internet network. If you access the internet using a SIM card, then remove the SIM card. When using Wifi Internet Access, then forget the connected Wifi network.

Then do the settings up to setting up Fingerprint, Face and Password Select Add Fingerprint. Then Select Pattern Options

Just make a simple pattern, such as the pattern of the letters L or U, don't make complicated patterns because this is only an intermediary bypass.

The Set Security Question Window appears, under the question What is the name of your Elementary School? Fill it with the answer "SD" and on the question what is the name of your childhood friend? just fill in with the answer "friends" or other words according to each of your tastes and then click Finish.

On the Register Option Only Fingerprint Cancel

Well ... now the Google Account login window is available with the Skip option, which means that the FRP Y12 Google Account FRP bypass process was successful.

Finally Vivo Y12 has been freed from the problem of locked Google Account FRP above, which is very easy to practice.

Thus the Tutorial Guide How to Easily ByPass Patterns and Screen PINs and FRP Google Vivo Y12 Accounts using the Miracle Thunder V. 2.82 Cracked Application. Good luck and good luck without any obstacles.