Easy Way to ByPass Mi Account Redmi Note 2 Guaranteed No Cheats

ByPass Mi Account Redmi Note 2 . For the first time I got a Job ByPass Android Xiaomi brand type Redmi Note 2. Initially I thought Redmi Note 2 already used Qualcomm Chipset like Xiaomi Android generally. the consequence is because I played guesswork and didn't try to find detailed information about the specifications of the Redmi Note 2, I was tricked.

Deceived by tutorials circulating on Google and Youtube where many tutorials provide video footage and images that the Redmi Note 2 uses the Qualcomm Chipset so you have to test points in the flashing process. not to mention that there are also many tutorials that cannot be justified, only with text without any photo evidence of the Android Redmi Note 2 which is locked in a Mi Account and has been successfully repaired .

Therefore, you must be careful. Not all tutorials on Google and Youtube can really be used as guides and role models. Continue to the topic of discussion, in the process of bypassing the Mi Redmi Account 2, I worked on it for about 2 hours. then we find a way that actually works and manages to solve the problem of Redmi Note 2 locked Mi Account.

At the beginning of my story using Windows 10, the result is all the tutorials and I practice nothing that works at all. as shown in the screenshot above when I tried to use the Mi Redmi Note 2 bypass method using MiFlashtool which always had errors and Redmi Note 2 which was in Fastboot mode immediately restarted and turned on to enter normal mode. For that, I recommend using Windows 7 64bit.

How to Overcome Redmi Note 2 Locked Mi Account (Mi Cloud)

To deal with an Android Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 which is locked on Mi Account it turns out that the method is very easy after knowing how to bypass Mi Redmi Note 2 Account that actually works. Here's how, please follow the guidelines from start to finish following the procedure I have provided:

Before practicing this tutorial, please first download the Redmi Note 2 Firmware HERMES MI CLOUD FIX pasword rar: magelangflasher

1. Run MiFlash Tool

2. In the condition that Redmi Note 2 is turned off, press simultaneously the Power and Volume-Down buttons simultaneously until it enters Fastboot mode then connect it to the computer.

3. Enter Redmi Note 2 Frimeware via Menu Select. select the Clean All option, click the Refresh menu so that the Redmi Note 2 Device is detected and read by the MiFlash Tool.

4. Click Flash to start execution, and wait until the Flash process is complete

The Flash process here takes approximately 1 - 10 minutes depending on the data transfer speed of each computer.

5. The Flash process is complete, unplug the USB cable then try turning on the Redmi Note 2

The result is enchanting soul, the problem of Redmi Note 2 is locked Mi Account successfully resolved. Redmi Note 2 is safe to use properly with one note Don't upgrade.

Thus the Tutorial Guide on the Easy Way to ByPass MI The Redmi Note 2 Hermes account is proven to be 100% Work No Gimmicks that you can try to practice. If there are things that are unclear or want to be asked, please leave a message in the comments column. Don't forget to Like FansPage, Subscribe and share if you think this tutorial provides a solution for you.