Guide on how to easily download MEGA files with MEGAsync

Downloading files that have been uploaded on MEGA Cloud Drive is a little different from downloading files on other online Cloud Drive such as Google Drive, MediaFire, Tusfiles, Zippy Share and other online Cloud Drive. Where when downloading files from MEGA there is no option to directly save the downloaded file to the Computer / Laptop Directory however the Download process will take place on the MEGA Download page until it's finished, then after the download process is complete the Options File saving window of the Download results appears.

Not to mention that sometimes problems arise either because the browser version used is not supported or the browser version used is outdated when the download process is complete there are no notifications, be it the save file option which means the download cannot be completed properly.

I myself have never experienced a failed file downlad in Mega even though I directly use the browser. But there are some blog visitors who fail and find it difficult to download the files I uploaded on the MEGA Cloud Drive. for that here I will share an easy tutorial on how to download MEGA files using MEGAsync to avoid the download failure problem as I mentioned earlier.

First of all please download the Installer MEGAsync for Dekstop

After you download, just install MEGsync as you usually install additional desktop applications. To be able to use MEGsync Desktop you must have a MEGA account, for that for those of you who don't have a MEGA account, please create it first via the following link: CREAT MEGA ACCOUNT FREE NOW.

After you finish creating an account, just run MEGsync by Double Clicking the MEGsync shortcut on the desktop or Double clicking Favicon MEGsync on Windows Taksbar. Please login using your previously created MEGA Account.

To download the target file in MEGA Download, copy the Download URL then Right Click Favicon MEGsync select Import Links menu.

Paste the link in the Import Link Dialog Box (usually it will be automatically filled in, without manually pasting the link) then Click Submit

The File Download Confirmation window appears, here you can change the target storage for the downloaded file manually or let it use the default settings for the MEGsync application. Confirm the file download by clicking OK.

The download process will automatically run, like you are downloading files using the Internet Download Manager (IDM). To see the download process, double click Favicon MEGA on Taksbar.

As I explained above, if you don't change the target directory where the downloaded files are stored, the downloaded files will be stored in the MEGsync Downloads folder in the My Documents directory.

What do you think, it's not easy to download files using MEGsync?

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That's a short tutorial guide on how to easily download MEGA files using a special MEGsync downloader application. I hope this tutorial is easy to understand and practice, if there are problems, please leave a message via comments or you can contact me directly via the contact us menu.