Guide on how to easily upgrade your OVO Premier account

OVO Premier is a special exclusive feature from OVO for OVO Application users who have verified their Account Identity using a Resident Identity Card (KTP) and Selfi Photo holding a KTP to ensure the legality of the user.

What are the Advantages and Benefits of Upgrading OVO Premier?

The following are some of the advantages and benefits of the OVO Premier Upgrade:
  • Receiving incentives is more convenient (Especially for Pre-Work Card Program Participants)
  • OVO Cash balance limit up to IDR 10.000.000
  • Transfers to banks and between OVO users

Guide on How to Upgrade OVO Premier Account

Before opening the OVO Premier Account Upgrade online, the owner of the OVO Account, if he wants to Upgrade the Account to the Premier OVO User, must come directly to the Regency / City OVO Branch Office. but now upgrading to OVO Premier has been made easy, you can upgrade to OVO Premier directly from the OVO app, here's the plan:

1. Open the OVO Application

2. Search and find the Upgrade Menu to OVO Premier

3. Click the Upgrade menu to OVO Premier

4. Click the Upgrade Now Menu

5. Click Start, Prepare Identity Card (KTP)

6. Take Photo of Identity Card, Then Click Use

7. Enter the Maternal Girl's Name, then Click Confirm

8. Photo of Self holding KTP as Picture Guide

9. Confirm Use Selfi Photo

10. Checklist Approval of OVO Premier Terms and Conditions, Click Continue and Process

11. Upgrade to OVO Premier is complete, wait for the Account Verification Process

Data Verification process takes 1 x 24 HOURS

If the application is rejected/not approved because the data does not match, while you have followed the instructions correctly. Just submit again

Yeay! OVO Premier Upgrade Successfully

You will receive a notification notification via the OVO Application and also via an Email Message that the OVO Premier Account Upgrade is approved

This is the Tutorial Guide on the Easy Way to Upgrade OVO Account to OVO Premier directly through the OVO Application without having to come directly to the OVO Branch Office. Thank you for visiting, please share this tutorial with your friends who need it.